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Town center air Germany AG is the name of one of March 2000 until February 2004 transacts German airline, which was resident first in Ahden at the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt. The chairman of the board was Ernst Brokbals, Hauptgesellschafter last the building contractor Albert Sahle.

The town center air Germany AG came out from since 1997 at the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt with air freight flights for the computer enterprise Siemens Nixdorf active DAY Teuto Airways Germany AG, which was again a splitting off of the helicopter enterprise Teuto air of air transports GmbH. To 10. March 2000 took up the DAY Teuto Airways Germany AG under the new name DAY town center air AG of passenger flights on the line Paderborn/Lippstadt - Berlin Tempelhof, which one took over together with an airplane of the type Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III of the airline OLT. Starting from October 2000 town center air with the relation Paderborn/Lippstadt - Dresden - served Poznan a second line distance. On 22 January 2001 Dresden a further distance followed with Moenchengladbach - Leipzig/resounded -, for which one activated a second Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III.

Starting from late summer 2001 town center air shifted its activities increasingly to the airport and flew from there to the goals Nuremberg, Dresden, Leipzig/resounds (in each case starting from August), Copenhagen (starting from September) and Berlin (starting from October). The fleet was removed in this time on four Fairchild SA-227AC Metro of the versions III and 23, furthermore a 48sitzige Fokker 27-500 of the airline Skyteam for arise-stronger flights was rented. With this reorientation the entrance of the entrepreneur Albert Sahle, who acquired first 25.2% and 100% of the portions of the society later, accompanied the Umfirmierung in town center air Germany AG a misalignment of the company headquarters after Greven, near the airport cathedral in the autumn 2001.

2002 took over town center air of the regional airline Eurowings, which had to give up after its partial assumption by Lufthansa for trust-legal reasons some their regional distances, the connections Dortmund - Berlin and Paderborn/Lippstadt - Stuttgart as well as a 46sitzige ATR-42-500. This was used starting from October 2002 on a new distance Cologne/Bonn - Copenhagen.

2003 took over town center air three used 33sitzige Saab 340B of turboprop aircraft. Altogether six machines of this type should replace the smaller Fairchild SA-227AC Metro gradually. In the course of the yearly one got in touch numerous new and flew for the first time among other things to Salzburg, Linz (of Berlin), Budapest (of Dresden) and Zurich (of

In the evening 27 of February 2004 town center air stopped its flying operation. At the 1. March 2004 was placed insolvency request. In the process March 2004 saw the insolvency manager Hubertus fears for first still chances for the resumption of the flying operation on some distances. For this it did not come however. Some of town center air at the airport served distances of the Konkurrentin European air express were taken over. At the airport Dortmund became 2005 the again created Dauair actively, which operates since then some earlier town center air distances.

The town center air busy last 85 coworkers. Altogether the society up to seven turbo-prop. operated machines. Beside up to four 19sitzigen Fairchild SA-227AC Metro and three 34sitzigen Saab 340B belongs also a 46sitzige ATR-42-500 to the airplane park. In the last full financial year 2003 on ten lines 82,000 aircraft passengers were carried, in the year of 2002 70,000 passengers.

Emphasis was the German domestic regional air traffic with the goals herring village on Usedom, Berlin Tempelhof, Paderborn/Lippstadt, Dortmund, Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart. Abroad neighbouring Zurich, Salzburg as well as the SAS spider Copenhagen were served.

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