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Torch/flare lilies
:Bedecktsamer (Magnoliophyta)
: (Liliopsida)
:Lily something similar (Liliidae)
:Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
: (Asphodelaceae)
:Torch/flare lilies
Scientific name

Torch/flare lilies (Kniphofia) are a plant type of the family Asphodelaceae, which has about 70 kinds. The torch/flare lilies are resident in Africa.

In the summer weeks (June until August) the shine like a yellow, yellow-red or red torch/flare. They are planted because of their size of 80 - 120cm best as in surfaces with sun-loving Stauden or

The young Stauden flower not necessarily directly in the first year, but later will it ever more blooms and the torch/flare lily can become very large. If it becomes too largely can one it, as most other Stauden divide also best in the spring with a spade (vegetative Vermehrung) and make smaller. The cut parts can one in other place naturally einpfanzen, or also to give away, for the compost are they too anyhow unfortunate. If the parts are again planted and in-washed equal, they continue to grow again with high probability.

In the autumn one should back-cut and with leaves cover the plant around approximately 1/3, so that she does not erfriert. It needs an in any case permeable soil otherwise can it in damp winters putrid. Otherwise it is quite undemanding.

Kinds (selection)

  • K. brachystachya
  • K. caulescens
  • K. hirsuta
  • K. rufa
  • K. sarmentosa
  • K. stricta
  • K. triangularis
  • K. uvaria

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