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The Tobaccoland wholesale company ltd. & CO kg is a former German tobacco wholesale business, whose company headquarters was in Moenchengladbach. On 1 January 1999 the enterprise in the again-created Lekkerland Tobaccoland GmbH & CO kg came up.


On 1 January 1974 the Tobaccoland wholesale company ltd. & CO kg resulted from the fusion since 1845 of the tobacco goods wholesale business Fritz Tenberg, the 1925 created tobacco goods wholesale business William Green forest from Moenchengladbach and the tobacco goods wholesale business J.A. Giesen from meal, existing in barks, which existed since 1926. First managing director becomes Heinz green forest, before times owners of the identical wholesale business. 1985 establish the enterprise in its new head office in Moenchengladbach a modern of EDP basing end marketing system to both the own sales offices and the co-operation partners to fall back can. In the future begins co-operation with large mineral oil chains and the selling of the own products over their gas stations. Tobaccoland with the MADERGO tobacco goods wholesale business Matthias Dercks kg from Goch, their owner William Dercks fuses 1988 takes over the post of the managing director of the common enterprise of Heinz green forest. Starting from 1990 Tobaccoland cooperates also with the ARAL gas stations in Germany. In the same year the Austria tobacco AG 49% of the portions of Tobaccoland transfers, and supplements its portion 1994 on 80%. Paralell for this is created in the first foreign address, tobaccoland trade the GesmbH, which is however to 100% in the possession of the Austria tobacco AG. 1992 are transferred those, 1988 from the union of the specialized wholesale business cigars tin GmbH from meal, the tobacco wholesale Norbert bar man from gel churches and the Ketzer kg from upper living developed, tobacco union Rhine Ruhr of selling GmbH (TURR) with seat to meals. Beginning of the retail trade commitment by the assumption of the TURR in the form of renting of kiosks and tobacco goods business. From this the partner system tobacco stock exchange ensteht. 1996 will become the assortment in the selling extended, beside tobacco goods now also CD's and consumer goods offered. 1997 practice-take the Austria tobacco AG the remaining portions of Tobaccoland and use Wolfgang tin, before times to owners of the specialized wholesale business cigars tin GmbH, as managing director. On 1 January 1999 it comes to the fusion of Tobaccoland with the Lekkerland GmbH & CO kg from impudent ones to the Lekkerland Tobaccoland GmbH & CO kg with seat into impudent ones. At the new enterprise the past Tobaccoland Mutterkonzern Austria tobacco AG 25.1% of the portions holds. The Tobaccoland automat company ltd. & CO separated before. Kg, which operates cigarette automat, remains further in the possession of the Austria tobacco AG. The name Tobaccoland from the appearance of the new enterprise, it maltreats 2005 is called only Lekkerland GmbH & CO kg.

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