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:Basidienpilze (Basidiomycota)
:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
: (Russula)
Scientific name
Pers. 1796

are a very extensive kind of the mushrooms with approximately 150 kinds alone in Central Europe.

Feature characteristics of the

The fruit bodies are characterised by a clearly colored hat skin, which can be enough depending upon kind of brown, violet, red over lemon-yellow up to green. The meat, the lamellas and the handle are whitish against it with most kinds to ivory colors.

Ripe has a flat to depressed (concave) hat. The lamellas stand rather far, the handle are approximately unberingt and without sheath. Lamellas and hat are brittle with many kinds, the handle break similarly as the Fruchtfleisch of apples. The smell is usually weakly fruit to nut-like.

"The "- edible or not edible

Under the there are some good-tasting, in addition, many ungeniessbare or easily poisonous kinds, which are characterised all by a burning sharp taste, which leads to strong salivation.

Since are to be recognized easily, which are very difficult exact regulation however, one can make do when collecting with the : If one tries a small piece of the raw mushroom and it tastes, concerns sharply it itself a ungeniessbare or poisonous kind, is the taste mild, is it enjoyable. Note: This rule exclusively applies to and may not not be used with other mushroom kinds! With some toadstools the Zerkauen of small quantities can lead to serious poisonings!

Kinds (selection)

  • (Russula amethystina)
  • (Russula paludosa)
  • (Russula amara)
  • Weisst¤ubling (Russula delica)
  • Bluish green (Russula parazurea)
  • (Russula sanguinea)
  • Brown (Russula integra)
  • (Russula mairei)
  • Camembert (Russula amoenolens)
  • Schwarzt¤ubling (Russula densifolia)
  • Schwarzt¤ubling (Russula nigiricans)
  • (Russula cyanoxantha)
  • (Russula fellea)
  • Yellow (Russula flava)
  • Gefeldeter (Russula virescens)
  • The grass Green (Russula aeruginea)
  • (Russula aurata)
  • (Russula turci)
  • Kirschroter (Russula emetica)
  • Small (Russula emetica)
  • (Russula anthracina)
  • Scratching (Russula of pectinatoides)
  • Kurzstieliger (Russula of curtipes)
  • (Russula laurocerasi)
  • Moderate (Russula nitida)
  • Moderate (Russula puellaris)
  • Netzflockiger (Morgenrott¤ubling) (Russula rosea)
  • Zinnobert¤ubling (Russula pseudointegra)
  • Orange (Russula decolorans)
  • Magenta-black (Russula atropurpurea)
  • Red (Russula erythropoda)
  • Rotstieliger (Russula olivacea)
  • Schwarzt¤ubling (Russula acrifolia)
  • (Russula vesca)
  • (Russula queletii)
  • Multicolor (Russula versicolor)
  • Violettstieliger (Russula of violeipes)
  • Change-colored (Russula fragilis)
  • Soft (Russula lutea)
  • (Russula mustelina)
  • (Russula badia)
  • T¤ubling (Russula sardonia)
  • (Ockert¤ubling) (Russula ochroleuca)

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