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Time fuses let an explosive charge explode after a certain, before fixed time.

The delay can be achieved by the burn-up of an igniter cord; there are however still several further kinds of One can differentiate between mechanical, chemical and electronic fuzes.

  • Mechanical time fuses work usually comparably with a feather/spring mechanism, a watch. At a pre-determined time starting from the start of the mechanism the ignition of the explosive device is caused. Since mechanics cause noises, one can often recognize it by typical ticking. The time of the ignition is approximate, but not accurately assignable, there mechanical components material-conditioned fluctuations (tolerances) exhibit.
  • Chemical time fuses function on the basis of two chemical substances, which react slowly with one another and release a Contrary to other fuzes no stop or revocation is possible with a chemical time fuse; besides the time of the ignition is not exactly assignable. The probably most well-known example of the application of a chemical time fuse was the assassination attempt of Colonel Stauffenberg on Hitler.

Also combinations with mechanical fuzes were built, with which a wire the firing pin spring keeps strained. Beside the wire an ampul with acid is attached, and the whole built into a thin-walled brass tube. For releasing the brass tube is easily broken, whereby the ampul breaks and begins the acid the wire to zerfressen. The firing pin strikes then on a usual primer cap, whereby the actual primer is ignited. Such fuzes in the 2.Weltkrieg von Saboteuren the deceleration time used there is uncertain and these fuzes no more to defuse were not.

  • Electronic time fuses are "the modern "version of the mechanical fuzes. They function on the basis of an electronic circuit, which connects an electric current through after a pre-determined time "triggers ", whereby again the explosive device is ignited. The time of the explosion is approximately second-exactly assignable thereby.

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