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Tilman Spengler (* 2. March 1947 in upper living) is a German author and since 1980 co-editor of the magazine course book.

Spengler studied several years at the institute for Max-Planck active in Heidelberg, Taipeh and Munich Sinologie, political science and newer history and was for the study of the living conditions of the scientific-technologic world (brief name "institute for Max-Planck for social sciences") in star mountain.

Apart from its academic activity it publishes among other things regularly in the time and in geo. 1991 it published the Romanbiografie of "Lenin brain", which was translated into twenty-in languages. 2003 appeared its telling volume "if men lift themselves".

Spengler is initial member of the "group 05".


  • Lenin brain, 1991
  • The painter of Peking, 1995
  • My society, 2001
  • Mallorca, 2003
  • If men lift themselves, 2003

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