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By Tierpornografie the legislator of the Federal Republic of Germany understands pornografische representations, which show sexual actions of humans with animals. A legal regulation in addition is in "§ to 184 A the StGB. Here it concerns a legal rule, which was transferred since the last reformation of the Sexualstrafrechts to 1 April 2004 into its own Paragrafen. So far to "§ 184 exp. 3 StGB shown regulation was transferred.

According to this regulation the spreading and/or passing on of tierpornografischer representations is forbidden. The penalty clause is at three years liberty withdrawal or fine.

Tierpornografie is called also "hard Pornografie". This is generally considered as society-damaging. The legislator would like to protect the public by the legislation "§ of the 184a StGB against the confrontation with such representations. For this reason the spreading - not however the acquisition or the possession - of these representations is threatened with punishment.

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