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Page modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 19:05:44

The play TibiaME (Tibia Micro edition) is a medieval MMORPG of the CipSoft GmbH, which can be played excluding on-line on a mobile phone. It is the all first MMORPG for mobile phones.

TibiaME is a sister project of Tibia (computer game). As its large brother plays it in a medieval Fantasiewelt.Im reason goes it with the play developing a character. One can select knights and Magier between two occupations -. Beside that aspects the own abilities to develop and the map discover, its secrets to air, is social and political interacting with the other players an outstanding feature of the play.

On the map are some cities and numerous landscape areas as well as Dungeon with different monsters. In the cities also the trade between players and non--player characters takes place.

Since the player numbers grow at present rapidly, in the meantime already two from each other independent servers exist. TibiaME in the Eastern European (Russia) and eastern area (Indonesia) enjoys of special popularity.

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