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The play Tibia is a medieval MMORPG of the CipSoft GmbH. The play has one the largest MMORPG Communitys in completely Europe. Although the play originates from Germany, the portion of the German players is only very small (about 2%). The largest part of the players originates from Brazil and Poland. Therefore the official language is English. The player number on all servers together is with somewhat over 250.000 altogether. Tibia was published 1998 and is already developed further until today continuously.

One plays on different worlds/servers (meanwhile 70 different). The play worlds are based all on the same map, it give however three differently rule sets for the servers: PVP (Player vs. Player), non PVP and PVP enforced. The PVP mode is the usually-played, it is permitted with this rule set to eliminate other player characters virtually this remains exempt from punishment however only in limited measure. With to many "Player Killings" risk the players a temporary account spell. Agreed upon duels without sanctions are however possible. Contrarily to the PVP mode gives it the non PVP to mode, in which neither Player Killings nor duels are possible. On 2 servers still PVP enforced the mode exists. In these worlds unrestricted Player Killing is possible, instead of sanctions receives the player here even points of experience.

The servers are located in Germany and in the USA. A migration between the worlds is not possible. Therefore in each world a singular community and associated also a singular play feeling develops. There is the play Client as free Download on the official web page ( Tibia can be played in principle free of charge, a Upgraden on a liable to pay the costs Premium account is however at any time possible (and in reverse!). This business model makes an unlimited free play for the players possible, would like a player however more advantages to enjoy, can it a Premium account to buy. Advantages of the Premium account are among other things entrance to special play areas and special Items, logging in become possible, even if the server is actually full as well as further play-immanent Besonderheiten.Die costs of such an account are appropriate for 6.65 between 4,99 "€ and "€ in the month (dependent on the selected running time of the account).

In the play it concerns to develop a character which lives in a medieval Fantasiewelt. One can select between 4 occupations - knights, Paladin, Zauberer and Druide - after one of Rookgaard, which comes starting island of each new player. Apart from the aspect the own abilities to develop and the play world discover as well as innumerable secrets to air, is social and political interacting with the other players an outstanding feature of the play. For this purpose also a Gildensystem was implemented. Also a pronounced economic system let the production of runes and the chase after artifacts develop.

In the Fantasiewelt of Tibia thousands of players in real time can experience together virtual adventures. In the role of a knight, Paladins, to explore Zauberers or a Druiden applies it to develop the abilities of the selected character further various landscapes and dangerous Dungeon as well as interact on more social like diplomatic level with other players. Apart from a thought out economic system above all the gilden and Chattools produce an enormous play depth.

A play with simple diagram, but much play depth. Recommendable for everyone, which has fun at games of roles with long-term character development gladly interacted with other humans and.

Tibia was converted also for mobile phones: TibiaME

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