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Thomas Esser (* 15. May 1870 in Schwerfen; "† 29 November 1948 in Euskirchen) was publisher and politician.

Vocational career

Already with 5 years Esser from the Schwerfen belonging to pulled to Euskirchen, where he should spend the remainder of its life. From 1884 to 1888 it completed printer teachings with the Euskirchener newspaper, where it was active as printers until 1895.

1895 it a and created 1898 the association of independent craftsmen and tradesmen (starting from 1923 office for middle class and circle craftsman shank), in whom it was starting from 1900 of chairmen. 1899 he became a managing director and from 1922 to 1933 was he a chairman of the Rheini craftsman federation. it in addition the Euskirchener saving and credit cooperative (today cooperative bank) created 1900, which it led until 1933 and was from 1904 to 1914 in the executive committee of the Rheini loan bank. In the same period he was publisher and partner of the Euskirchener people newspaper created by him. 1904 became Esser member of the board and 1908 member of the supervisory board of the Rheini cooperative federation, whose presidency he took over 1930. From 1912 to 1931 it in addition member of the board of the chamber of trade were Cologne.

Political career/development

1906 to 1924 were Thomas Esser of city delegates in the third voter class in Euskirchen (center). From 1912 to 1933 it belonged to the realm executive committee of the central party, was from 1913 to 1919 member in the Euskirchener Kreistag and from 1918 to 1924 of assigning to in Euskirchen. 1918 to 1928 were Esser member of the Prov. - Federal state parliament of the Rhine province.

Starting from 2 August 1921 it was member realm-daily, became in November 1926 vice-president and of 20. May 1928 to 1933 first vice-president of the German realm Reich in Berlin.

On 2 October 1925 the city Euskirchen appoints it the honour citizen.

The NS time

Thomas Esser wrote numerous brochures and manuscripts over political, commercial and genossenschaftliche topics. He was also constant coworker of daily and specialized newspapers.

On 6 April 1933 he was arrested because of alleged misdemeanours by the LV regime and remained up to 16. May in Cologne prisons the arrests. On 7 June 1933 the honour citizen rights of the city Euskirchen were denied to it. Since writing and speech prohibition were given to him, he wrote thereafter anonymous various novels and stories.

In September 1933 it was obligation-retired as a director/conductor of the Euskirchener trade bank.

From August to October 1944 Esser is arrested in connection with failed assassination attempt] on Hitler in a work educating camp in Cologne

Re-establishment that became

On 16 April 1945 it the 1933 denied honour citizen rights of the city Euskirchen again recognized.

Thomas Esser with others justifies 1945 the CDU in the circle and the city Euskirchen. He becomes a chairman of the advisory committee at the military government for the circle Euskirchen.

Beside is designated in Euskirchen one of the circle vocational schools and in the southern part of the town a road after Thomas Esser.

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