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By the colloquial designation third decree one understands to be approved a component of a school statutory order, in accordance with those until 2006 a classroom test in North Rhine-Westphalia about the head master had, if a third of the pupils had not obtained sufficient result.

After the historical change of government in North-Rhine/Westphalia 2005 school minister Barbara summer ordered the spareless cancellation of the third decree in May 2006.

"§ 6 exp. (8) of the training and test order for the secondary school I of the country North Rhine-Westphalia read up to his abolition as follows:

Reached with a classroom test a third of the pupils and pupil no sufficient result, the head mistress decides or the head masters after hearing of the specialized technical or the subject teacher whether the requirements were appropriate. In this case the work is to be rated, otherwise one it is to be repeated.

In other Lands of the Federal Republic the hurdle is about 25% or 50%.

Effects for practice

When the third decree was inserted for the first time into North-Rhine/Westphalia, it strengthened the position of the pupils opposite the teachers with written performance records. In view of the prospect to have to justify its setting of tasks and (measurement) the success of previous instruction before the boss many teachers preferred it with many classroom tests, to later lower instead the expectation horizon, so that a higher portion of sufficient achievements resulted.

Itself if classes were united, then it was possible at the beginning of such a regulation in countries with third decree, a classroom test "boycotts" - clearly more than one third of the pupils delivered an unsatisfactory achievement, then the work was not approved usually, but was not repeated (simplified).

In the later process however the regulation was scooped out: Head masters overloaded anyhow questioned in particular at High Schools often the decisions of their teaching staff not, but approved by routine also work failed extremely badly, in particular in "horror subjects" like mathematics.

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