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The thigh bone (OS femoris or briefly Femur) is one of the strongest tube bones.

The thigh bone is bent at the upper end. At this end the Femurkopf (Caput femoris) with an approximately spherical joint surface is for connection with the basin bone in the hip joint. The bent part is called thigh neck (Collum femoris). The impacts are reduced by the bent connection on the basin, so that the thigh neck has the function of a suspension or a shock absorber.

Laterally at the ball joint rise a large bone extension, a large roll hill or a large Umdreher mentioned (Trochanter major). It serves the beginning of the Glutaengruppe (Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius, Gluteus mini mash). On the inside the Trochanter is minor (small roll hill or small Umdreher) to the beginning of the Iliacus and Psoas major. With some mammals (e.g. Horse, rabbit) gives it also still another third (Trochanter tertius).

The centre shaft (corpus ossis femoris) carries roughness at the inside to the beginning of the Adduktoren.

At the lower end the thigh bone two joint roles (Condyli femoris from Condylus lateralis and medialis) are, which form a part of the knee joint and with the joint roles (Condyli tibiae) the Tibia articulate.


Thigh fractures (Femurfraktur) are relatively frequent.

The joint surface of the thigh head can be damaged by wear, mechanical false loads, injuries or inflammations. It can be replaced by an operation by a metal prosthesis (if necessary together with the thigh neck).

Also the knee joint-lateral joint surfaces of the Femurkondylen are frequently damaged, so that a treatment or also an operational replacement can become necessary.

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