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John Child developed 1972 its theory of the strategic choice as an extension of the situativen beginning. At this concept the inclusion of the Entscheider is new. One assumes those persons in the enterprise to affect those the possibilities have the firm's structure also be considered should. Child calls this group of managers the dominant factor coalition.

Structure of the concept

The Entscheider arrives by a process from three steps to your organization decision and/or strategic choice.

1. Evaluation of the current situation
2. External strategies specify
3. Internal strategies determine

1. Evaluation of the current situation

First the momentary situation becomes, in which the enterprise is and evaluates under different criteria analyzed. For example expectations of the Stakeholder, changes in the environment of the enterprise or whether the current internal equipment (personnel, technology, among other things) appears still appropriate. Past enterprise and organization philosophies are considered likewise, in order to avoid abrupt pagings. The goals of the organization are redefined.

2. External strategies specify

On the basis of the evaluation of the current situation external strategies are compiled and specified. A goal of these strategies is to be increased it by influence of the environment the market efficiency of the enterprise. Example of a strategic goal in addition would be, the choice of a more favorable environment for the paragraph of a certain product.

3. Internal strategies determine

In the last step the internal proceedings are specified, which cover the ranges of the organisational structure (for example size of, technology, personnel resources) and to the goal to have the efficiency of the organization to increase.

Criticism and starting points

The organisational structure can be regarded only very heavily as a whole, since it forms from a multiplicity of elements and projects and/or developed, which were accomplished at different times and where different persons to have participated. (see Kieser '' organization theories '')

With Child's theory unfortunately often it mixes itself the structure with the strategy of the enterprise which leads to it that the impression develops, the organisational structure is one of several possible strategies apart from the applied production technology and the selected size. (see Kieser organization-theoretical beginnings)

Extensions and follow-up theories

1979 were modified the concept by Montanari, as basis served a questioning of managers.

In the course of empirical investigations the correlation was tested by personal preferences of the managers and Gestalter on developments of the organisational structure. This influence was occupied, it could however not proven as strong this influence in relation to those of the situativen factors is not. One finds a summary of these studies with Breilmann 1990:175 FF]]

Kieser mentions three behavior categories, which can be formed after the strategic choice due to the behavior of the Entscheider in its work "organization-theoretical beginnings": Derived (intentionales) behavior, Transformationales behavior and Habituelles behavior (see Kieser Orgnisationstheoreti beginnings)

Sources and literature

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