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Theodor Zechlin (* 20 October 1818 in Lindow (Mark); "† 19 November 1895 in salt whisks) was a local politician and pharmacist in salt whisks and an important homeland researcher of the old Marks.

Life and working

After pharmacist teachings in Neuruppin as well as the young Theodor Fontane established itself Zechlin 1847 as a pharmacist in the town salt whisk, where he took over the lion pharmacy existing this very day, which was resumed later by its son Konrad. Starting from 1857 Zechlin engaged itself as a secretary of the association for patriotic history and industry" (successors of the important Johann Friedrich THENhurry) and publishes there numerous work over the history of the old Marks from prehistory to the present. His archaeological activities, it were particularly important secured numerous earlyhistorical finds in the region (see Web left below). Its son Konrad Zechlin continued these research activities after 1895.

Besides Zechlin was also local-politically in salt whisks active and beside Friedrich Ludwig my corner, the father of the historian Friedrich my corner one of the prominent personalities of the conservative party in the city.


Theodor Zechlin had seven children, under the descendants is numerous important personalities. A grandchild of Theodor Zechlin was the historian Egmont Zechlin (1896-1992).


  • 1857 to 1895 publishers of the "annual reports" of the association for patriotic history and industry, there numerous essays on the history and prehistory of the old Marks


  • Ernst Block: Theodor Zechlin - a pharmacist as local politicians and a secretary of the historical association. Important one personalities, part of 92, voice of the people, 7. March 2005

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