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Theodor God-help Leutwein (* 9. May 1849 in bathing; "† 13 April 1921 in Freiburg in mash gau) was from 1895 to 1905 commander of the imperial colonial force and governor von


Theodor Leutwein went through classical officer training in the imperial army, 1869 to the second lieutenant and 1885 to the captain and company commander was carried. Subsequently, it was active several years up to its transport to the major 1893 as teachers at the war schools Neisse and Hersfeld.

In the same year Leutwein was beordert to German southwest Africa and replaced there two years later the past commander of the colonial force, major Curt von Francois, in this function. Leutwein led the colonial force 1894 against the Orlam trunk of the Witbooi stated by Hendrik Witbooi and forced these to the conclusion of a protection and an assistance contract, which the Witbooi would fulfill also nearly 10 years long getreulich. Furthermore Leutwein the revival and continuation of the protection daily with the Herero in Okahandja, so that their chieftain did not only accompany Samuel Maharero Leutwein on its mehrmonatiger investigation route by the north of the country, succeeded but also with thrashing a rebellion of the Mbanderu/east Hereros to 1896 energetic military support to come left. In acknowledgment of these both military and diplomatic success (the so-called system Leutwein: "Parts and prevail ") to major Leutwein 1896 the first governor von one appointed.

When in the year 1904 surprisingly the rebellion of the Herero broke out, the Leutwein - its past line following -, promoted in the meantime to Colonel, tried to reach a negotiated solution first in view of the military balances of power and its up to then good agreement with the Herero, what was laid out for it however both of the German settlers in the colony and in Germany as weakness. Therefore the command was transferred over the colonial force 1904 lieutenant general v. Trotha, which - after arrival of substantial reinforcement - proceeded extremely hard against the insurgent ones and which total destruction of the Herero operated. Leutwein remained first governor, over-threw themselves however with v. Trotha because of its inhuman war guidance and withdrew 1905 from the office of the governor.

Leutwein still 1905 was promoted nevertheless to major general, separated in the same year from the imperial army and returned to Germany, where he spent his old age in at the Bodensee. Leutwein deceased on 13 April 1921 in Freiburg (bathe).


Leutwein, Theodor: Eleven years governor in German southwest Africa. 4. Edition, Namibia scientific society, Windhuk/Namibia 1997, ISBN 99916-40-07-X

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    This article is at least partly based on the entry to Leutwein from the German colonial encyclopedia of 1920.

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