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Theme hospital (English, topic hospital) is a computer game, which was developed 1997 by Bullfrog Productions and which for the category of the Wirtschaftssimulationen heard.

The player takes over the role of a manager of a hospital and must by different level fight itself, by building areas within the building, personnel adjusts and as much as possible patients by different mechanisms to diagnose and treat leaves. A goal of the play is it to win and defeat to sound and thus the competition by a high call as much as possible patients. The represented reality is to be regarded as not truthfully, since it concerns unreal and unusual diseases, which must be healed with just as unusual methods. Is by its humor the play also today still - even if it does not correspond to no more the today's conversion possibilities - much likes.

There is a single player mode with Leveln and was added later a revalued Multiplayer function.

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