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The topic tables view test (also: Themati Apperzeptionstest) is one 1935 projektiver test, which as personality test or, developed by Henry A. Murray and Christiana D. Morgan, in which motivation psychology is used, for the measurement of motives.


In psychodiagnostischen procedures inspired by the psychoanalysis one submits pro gangs to that black/white posters, which illustrate humans in everyday situations predominantly. To each picture it is to tell a short history, which interprets the represented situation. Guidance questions are:

  • What happens
  • What led to the
  • What do the persons
  • How will history

But the rehearsing and has 4 minutes time.

From contents of stories the examiner judges pro gangs internal experiencing and the personal perception back. The evaluation is made either by a counting mechanism according to relatively objective criteria - also EDP-supported - or via an intuitv holistic view.


The validity ACT is doubted, since neither the criteria of the Retest are sufficiently fulfilled, still to the internal consistency.

Against this criticism it is stated that those test control criteria are not suitable for the validity estimate ACT. The small Retest on it that one lay on to the participants, fantasievolle, to invent original stories. Subsequent testing might supply therefore inevitably hardly agreement. This thesis is supported by the fact that the Retest rises, as soon as one points out the pro gangs that they may tell similar stories with second testing, with with the first participation (winters 1996). The small internal Kosistenz is attributed to two causes:

  • Motivationale of processes show sequential dynamics, i.e. needs diminish for some time, after they were satisfied. The probability for it that a rehearsing and writes a achievement-referred history, is smaller, if it wrote straight such.
  • Cognitive processes show a general tendency to avoid repetitions (negative Recency effect, admits from the memory and attention research)

In the empirical research the ACT worked satisfactorily, whereby he cannot make reliable statements about the motives of individuals, but only over group differences.


  • Tail-live, Jutta and Heinz: Motivation and acting. Heidelberg 2006.

See also: Personality and differential psychology, motive (psychology), Operanter motive test, Columbus test

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