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The world is a German supraregional daily paper of the Axel Springer AG. By the British in Hamburg it appeared created on 2 April 1946 and 1953 by Axel Springer was for the first time taken over. The sheet is added to the civil-conservative spectrum. The world contains daily expenditures for regional in Berlin and Hamburg, 2002 briefly also in Bavaria. The central editorship of world and world on Sunday is in Berlin. Here the citizens of Berlin morning mail is likewise provided.

The world is the flagship of the Axel Springer AG in the range of the so-called quality newspapers and in 130 countries is sold, works however Their maincompetitor inside are the Frankfurt general newspaper, the South German newspaper and Frankfurter Rundschau.

The IVW is compactly announced it not individually, but together with the world.

The world is initial member of the European Dailies Alliance (EDA), in which she co-operates and cooperates at present with the foreign daily papers DAILY telegraph, Le Figaro and ABC (Spain) in the international reporting editorialally.

The Website of the newspaper was started already 1995 and offers free archives of all articles since the digitization. Since autumn 1998 there is a weekly literature supplement, which is designated after the 1925 literature magazine the literary world created of Willy Haas.


The world appeared for the first time on 2 April 1946 at the price of 20 Pfennig. The concept of the newspaper was considered as revolutionary: Facts were separated from comments, in the editorials came sharply opposite points of view to the language. The discrete Design already underlined the requirement on seriosity in outside opening. Under since spring 1946 the officiating editor-in-chief, the SPD member and former passenger of the KZs mountain Belsen Rudolf the sheet collided several times with the British crew authorities, which wanted to use the world as PR-organ. The edition rose up to one million copies, so that with the lining up sales 1952 at prospective customers no lack prevailed. For two million DM Axel Springer, which was at that time already no more unknown quantity, received the addition. Under the first Springer editor-in-chief, who Hans Zehrer (that already 1946 briefly the sheet led, due to its past however set off from the British was) changed itself right-conservative cutting PUT CH participant, that once liberal sheet to the "large national newspaper", as it was officially tituliert 1965. Authors such as Ilse Elsner, Sebastian Haffner and Erich Kuby terminated gradually the cooperation, former LV journalists such as Winfried Martini, Friedrich Carpenter and Hans-Georg von Studnitz as well as conservative writers such as Matthias Walden and William mud coined/shaped for a long time the character of the newspaper.

World literary award

Since 1999 the world lends the world literary award, with which it wants to remind of the journalist Willy Haas. It is endowed and is assigned annually with 10.000 euro. The past winners are

  • 1999 Bernhard Schlink
  • 2000 Imre
  • 2001 Pat Barker
  • 2002 Leon de Winter
  • 2003 Jeffrey Eugenides
  • 2004 Amos Oz
  • 2005 Yasmina Reza


  • January Eric Peter (since 1 January 2003 total responsible person editor-in-chief, since 1 April of 2005 publishers the world/citizen of Berlin morning mail)
  • Roger (since 07 June 2004)
  • Tungsten Weimer (2000 - 2002)
  • Mathias (1998 - 2000)
  • Thomas's spoon wood (1995 - 1998)
  • Claus Jacobi
  • Herbert Kremp (1969 - 1985, with two interruptions)
  • Hans Zehrer (1946/1953 - 1966)
  • Rudolf (1946 - 1953)

Admitted authors

  • Konrad Adam
  • Wolfgang (until 2005)
  • Ivan Denes
  • Thank-wait Guratzsch
  • Hellmuth Karasek
  • Thomas Kielinger
  • Mariam Lau
  • Dirk Maxeiner
  • Michael Miersch
  • Armin Mohler
  • Bruno Schirra
  • Carl Gustaf
  • Michael
  • Rolf Tophoven
  • Lord George pasture field
  • Ulrich Weinzierl
  • Zehm
  • Hans Zippert (daily column)
  • Holger
  • Self-manifestation of the editorship and correspondent

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