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The Suffering is a mixture from Ego Shooter and Third person Shooter for Playstation 2, Xbox and PC, which were developed 2004 by Surreal software and published by Midway Games. Because of the large brutality it was only released in Germany of the USK starting from 18 years.

Play principle

English ton is called more suffer in German suffers. The play is only a ball he and a Metzelspiel. Behind it an interactive Psychothriller hides itself. The player is hunted, at least during first playing, by a shocking situation into the next. Connections are only cleared up with the time. Depending on makes which decisions of the players, there are three different ends, which the play figure however not when living person experiences.


The play plays on a prison island, on which mainly death candidates are accommodated, and who were murdered by Gaskammer, electrical chair and lately by the poison syringe. A prisoner-of-war camp before was on the island, on which prisoners of war were shot. Before it the island accommodated a lunatic asylum. A strange power is on Insel.Die events begins, when the death candidate torques, whose role of the players takes over, is in-supplied. It is to have extinguished its family. After torque in his cell is, the normal light precipitates, and strange shapes, which have blade instead of hands and feet, murder nearly all prisoners and just as nearly all guards. Torque must after outside fight itself and gets it later to do except with the blade people, also still with other monsters which represent a kind of execution in each case. In addition torque accompanied by at least three observers:

  • Dr. Killjoy

The spirit of a moved physician, who has its interest in different kinds of execution, and who over film projectors appears, and exercises its power.

  • The electrical man

A nature, which moves on mainly by the Stromleitungen, and which torque at most is course-bent.

  • The gas nature

It pulls a natureness, which appears as poisonous gas cloud, and energy from the fact that she poisons humans. Torque get the first time with it do, when he the area with the Gaskammer enter, and see, like a guard, bind and lock up in the Gaskammer to death bring.

After first meeting with all three individuals torques, as predicted by Dr. Killjoy, the ability gets, to take the form of a monster in order to provoke briefly enormous forces, which one also needs directly with the first time.

Play organization

The play can be played alternatively in the Egoperspektive or in the third person perspective, with the latter the diagram and the animations was better converted.


The player is confronted with the whole execution and force practice of the United States. Thus the player experiences the Exekution of a guard, the preparation of an execution by the poison syringe, with Dr. Killjoy, whom makes buckled prisoner into the Lendengegend by cuts. Likewise he experiences by video monitoring, like guards, under supervision upper guard, prisoner by Exekution there-slaughter, and later the same upper guard with a mg prisoner shoots. <! -- There surely still many worse scenes come, but very many I never continued to come -->

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