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The structure strategy play the settlers was developed by Volker Wertich for the manufacturer Blue byte and appeared 1993 for the Amiga, two years after followed a PC version for the operating system MS-DOS.

In the course of the years four continuations appeared.

Play principle

Despite the actually peaceful structure principle the principal purpose is the military superiority opposite computer opponents or the human opponent.

Beginning of the play, goods cycles

To reach in order a play goal, starts players with castle, which can control a small piece of the map, on which one plays. In this castle raw materials and it store live workers (= settler) therein. One establishes buildings, which serve the production of further raw materials to assistance of the raw materials and the settler. The first buildings, one should have which established from the settlers, are those, which produce the building raw materials granite and Holzbretter. Granite is won either by in the landscape lying stones or by granite mines in the mountains. Holzbretter are won in a sawmill from trunks, which a pleases before has.

Contrary to some other strategy plays a play does not begin always in such a way, it gives missions or maps where the players with a settlement than headquarters, progressed further, already begins. That was also always point of criticism at the play series.

Extension of the own area, military system

In order however further area for these and further raw material productions too received, the player of awake towers or castles must build, which bring further regions under own control. For the occupation of the military buildings soldiers are necessary. In order to be able to train these, the player needs weapons. Weapon-forge converted to it pig irons and coal to swords and Schilden. For the production of pig irons the player needs among other things mines. The settlers working therein need however food. These are fish, bread and meat. Also these must be produced naturally only.

Practice by occupation (tools), way system

In order to be able to exercise a certain occupation, the respective settler must get intended for the occupation a fitting tool. At the beginning of the play each player has the same beginning inventory at tools. More tools can be made in a lock-making of pig irons and preprocessed wood.

The only occupations without tool are the and the carrier. The carrier is the most frequently occurring occupation. It is responsible for the transport of the goods from a building to the next. It can transport goods only on pre-determined ways between two waypoints. The process of these ways is specified by the player. Over short landing on water straining waypoints can be put by boats, over then the carrier with the help of a rowing boat goods, but no settlers to transport knows.

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