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The Elder Scrolls (often shortened by width units) is a series of games of roles, which appeared for the PC and partially also for the Xbox. In addition there is folder for N-fee, which plays in the same world. So far four parts appeared, which developed under the leadership of Bethesda Softworks. On 10 September 2004 admits that since 2002 on the fourth part one works, that originally in December 2005 to appear given should and now to 24. March 2006 appeared.


  • The Elder Scrolls: Arena (1993/1994)
  • The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (1996)
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002) and ADD ons the tribunal (2002) and Bloodmoon (2003)
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (24. March 2006)

In addition 1997 and/or 1998 with '' Battlespire appeared '' and '' Redguard '' two The Elder Scrolls Adventure designated, act-ion-oriented plays in the world of The Elder Scrolls, as well as under the name ''' The Elder Scrolls Travels ''' its own series of TES titles for mobile telephones and of Nokia N-fee.

See also the world of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls


Arena (1993/1994)

The Elder Scrolls: Arena was originally planned as 3D-Gladiatorenspiel. In addition, the name arena developed on the one hand from this fact, on the other hand becomes the world "Tamriel", in which it plays, when arena marks, because "from Oblivion and "property" from Aetherius meet the bad" again and again one on the other there and fight against each other, evenly as in an arena. Bethesda manufactured only 9,000 pieces - and had hundredthousands of copies to after-produce. The first part was also at that time already very outstanding among role players. Meanwhile Bethesda has on the occasion of 10. Anniversary of the row arena in the full version to the free Download made available (see Related links).

Daggerfall (1996)

The Elder Scrolls II: DaggerfallDas play is characterised above all by the fact that it represents the probably largest simulation of all PC plays. The enormous Fantasy world, which was developed without Pen&Paper background by Bethesda, offers an area, which measures the double surface of Great Britain, which are also with a horse and later a ship bereisbar. One meets over 5.000 villages and 750,000 NPCs, 500 books and hundreds of articles of clothing. By orders one can become the leader of many parliamentary groups and Gilden, even (small) the chance of a conversion the Vampir exists. The action thread can be played to the end with a high level, is however expressly not main content of the play. Such a freedom of action was converted never before in the category, then it was distinguished at that time with many prices.

Battlespire (1997)

The Elder Scrolls Adventure: Battlespire was originally planned as ADD on to Daggerfall, however as independent act ion game of roles was finally conceived. It had numerous of nose, why it sold itself only badly and could not not to successes of the two predecessors tie.

Redguard (1998)

The Elder Scrolls Adventure: Redguard is a Action Adventure with strong game of roles elements. As the first part of the row the title supported 3Dfx-Grafikbeschleunigerkarten.

Morrowind (2002)

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind became to 30. May 2002 in English-language original version publishes. A completely located version followed on 12 September 2002. Selling becomes Morrowind of Ubisoft.

To the PC version also a Xbox version appeared contemporaneous. The only difference lay in the Construction set, which was attached excluding the PC version. At the beginning of of 2004 was published one "Game OF the Year "- version for PC and Xbox, which contained the two extensions tribunal and Bloodmoon. Tribunal appeared before on 28 November 2002, Bloodmoon on 5 June 2003 in each case in English-language original version; the German versions appeared short in each case time thereafter.

The story

At the beginning of the play one is brought from still unknown reasons from the prison to dismiss and on the island Vvardenfell. This island is also exclusive play world Morrowinds. There one receives a package, which one is to bring to a certain Caius Cosades, which is in Balmora. Gradually air itself further secrets approximately around a Nerevarine cult, which expects the Wiedergeburt of a hero, who is to drive all foreigner out of the island. At the same time grows the power of the malicious half God Dagoth Ur, which lives in its citadel on the red mountain, a volcano in the center of the island. Later one experiences that one became to dismiss from the emperor Uriel Septim, since he means one is the Nerevarine and hopes, one can switch the threat off by Dagoth Ur.

In the ADD on tribunal tries an assassin combination, "darkens brother shank "to kill the play figure. Their trace leads the player into the new city Gramfeste, the capital Morrowinds, where one is entangled into the struggle for power between king Helseth and the goddess Almalexia. The city is inserted not directly into the main world of the play.

In the second ADD on Bloodmoon one arrives to the main world Vvardenfell at the island Solstheim north. There who wolves drive their nuisance. One receives the choice in the process of the action whether one fights the who wolves or even one wants to become. A second action line turns around the establishment and organization of a mine colony.

One is not bound however to the history of the play, so that one induces oneself also simply freely in the world of Morrowind and can from history independent Quests there solve and to the master of different Gilden ascend.

The game of roles system

Contrary to many other games of roles there are only fixed occupations. Instead the player can wish itself for several primary and secondary talent decisions, should he this. With frequent application these rise. After ten such rises the character ascends around a stage, which gives it the possibility, its attributes (strength, intelligence"…) to revalue. Attributes are preferred, which with the talents, which led to the stage ascent, in connection. So the player, if he ascended ten sword combat level, can particularly assign many points on strength with the level ascent. It is possible to hit most diverse careers. No problem is to be explored as sword-swinging Zauberer Morrowind. But the play is more difficult around some, if one plays a magic-talented character, as if one is a Krieger.

As also during the character production the player can arrange individual charms. Even weapons and arms leave themselves with own effects charms.

The Elder Scrolls Construction set

With Morrowind that is provided width unit Construction set. It is a very powerful tool, which permits the user to add the play extensive extensions. From small changes, as house or new tasks, up to completely new cities, provided or even everything is possible for a completely independent play world with the editor. Owing to this editor a great many fan projects with extents in the Internet, which come in some cases the range of the main play close or even exceed already, exist. In addition it is possible to design a perfectly new world which runs independently from the actual play. Examples of it are Myar Aranath and Arktwend for the German version of Morrowind.


</div> Morrowind shines with the flexible character production, which gigantic, extremely multilayered world and the liberty, with which one can explore this world. Also the diagram, which particularly looked for their-same at times of the publication of the play with other games of roles, addresses many players. Of course also width unit the Construction set is to be mentioned, what makes possible for the players to add the play new aspects. However the too weak magic and very unsatisfactory artificial intelligence (AI) become the opponent, who criticizes badly detailed shade and occasional errors in Morrowind. Also the combat system is too simple many players, against what there are however different extensions, which lend tactical depth to the engagements.

Also the character development has weaknesses. In particular the attribute bonus with the stage ascent, which can vary not only in the distribution, but also the height strongly, should be for many players an annoyance.

The moreover one the a riser friendliness was unsatisfactorily found of beginners often than. Many a risers into the category did not get along in the enormous and highly complex world. This is to be due among other things to the chaotic structure of the journal in the basic play.

Morrowind set its time new standards in the world of the games of roles.

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