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The case - load Days OF Gaia is one 2004 published Dark Future game of roles citizens of Berlin of the Entwicklerstudios Silver Style Entertainment. Selling becomes the play of cook Media.

Scenario, action

The play describes a typical end time/Dark Future scenario (comparable with WAD max or Waterworld). Over about 2060 steals terrorist Terraformingapparate, which were meant for a Mars settling and start the procedure. The earth warms up thereupon uncontrolled, which typical desert landscapes develop. A quarter century begins the actual play later - the Protagonist (as usual with a game of roles: male or womanlike) follows the GNO, a new government (Government OF the new order), as a mercenary. To these it applies to settle orders. In the first half of the play course against the Ratskulls, which kidnapped the father of the main character on the conscience and its sister predominantly, becomes. In the later play process partial radical reversals in history in of the Protagonist place themselves doubt its mission, betrayal and plots come against the light.

The process of history is linear given, however it is usual that there are several different solution methods for each task - here the different talents of the characters at the same time playable up to six seize. In a Quest for example if the repair of a vehicle with defective carburetor is required, this can take place e.g. by means of simple repair of the defective part via a technically talented fellow combatant - thus the task in addition, for team compositions without technicians is solvable, can over dialogues with NPCs also an alternative solution be found. This possibility is above all interesting, because with the solution each player thinks differently - in such a way a suitable solution lies ready for different solutions with high probability.

Apart from the normal action the play orders over a multiplicity to Eastereggs and/or side blows, which aim at other films, plays and books: Harry Potter, back into the future, Waterworld,"…

The play corresponded to the current conditions of the things at the time of the feature - thus the average. The technical literature criticized however fast the extreme number on nose, which made the play in the first versions almost unspielbar. Remarkable is however the good acoustic output. This leaves from the quality (speak compression rate) in the first version to desires, however quantitatively enormously generously failed. Nearly each NPC has several spoken dialogue lines (of it there are some hundreds). In the Extended version (in the meantime includiert in the purchase version) one keeps all dialogues completely revised in very good clay/tone quality - this shows itself a 1.1-GB-Download in the books and is absolutely free for owners of the original play.

After the Extended version (free only if original play available) Silver Style already began work on an ADD on, which sets 2 years after the events of the origin play. A second part is likewise announced.

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