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Teuto Airways Germany AG (abbreviation: DAY) was one of at the end of of 1997 to 2000 under this name transacts German airline, which was resident in Ahden at the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt. It was active a splitting off of the helicopter enterprise Teuto air of air transports GmbH and in the air freight business. Main customer of the society was the computer enterprise Siemens Nixdorf, for which one accomplished nocturnal air freight flights after London Luton.

Initially a rented Let 410, starting from March 1998 then a Shorts 330-200 with a cargo capacity of 2,6 tons was used for some months. In the summer 1999 Teuto Airways Germany AG closed a co-operation agreement with the English freight company Channel express. Starting from at the end of of 1999 Teuto Airways Germany AG inserted a Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III of the German regional air transport company OLT, which served the passenger line from the airport Paderborn/Lippstadt with this machine during the day to Berlin for its nocturnal freight flights to England.

To 10. March 2000 transferred the Teuto Airways Germany AG these line flights of the OLT and entered thereby to the passenger regular transport service. The society firmierte again under the new name DAY town center air AG, starting from autumn 2001 then as town center air Germany AG.

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