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The test theory is a subrange of the measuring theory, to which in the Differenzialpsychologie use finds special.

In the Psychometrie is based a test theory in a mathematical model, which suggests certain statistic connections between certain characteristics and empirical test values. After a test procedure one closes with the help of the test theory of the test results on the characteristics back. The test theory supplies furthermore control criteria, on the basis those the significance of the results and thus the quality of the test to be judged can.

The most common are the classical test theory and probabilistic test theory (Item Response theory).


Tests are arranged as follows:

  • t-equivalent test: They measure the same Konstrukt T. the expectancy values of the tests agree and correspond to the true value.
  • Parallel tests: They measure the same Konstrukt T and exhibit the same dispersion.

See also

  • Classical test theory
  • Probabilistic test theory
  • Psychological test

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