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Test battery one calls a composition of independent psychological tests, which are accomplished after each other frequently together or temporally in practice in the differential psychology.

Differently than with Subtests and the same test procedure those did not know test of a test battery stochastic connection and independently of each other to be used. A rehearsing and must complete not all tests of the test battery.

Like Intellienztests, test on motor or social talents, performance inspection etc., one calls test batteries, which integrate very different tests from different ranges, also test system.

Use of the test battery

  • Tests can be placed together, which cover similar ranges. Usually different in each case performance inspections or personality test are together seized.
  • The marketing of the tests is simpler. The psychologist receives for a total price equal a whole package and can without time delay put loosely.
  • The psychologist has, if he possesses the test battery, a larger selection and can to that pro gangs depending upon need fast a further test from the battery submit.
  • A test battery also often contains Retest and parallel test forms of a test, which is necessary, if a person is to be tested several times, however its answers in preceding passages not remember may not. That concerns above all intelligence and personality tests, not the performance inspection.

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