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Terranigma (jap. Tenchi Sozo, literally: Erschaffung of the world and/or genesis) is a Fantasy game of roles, which was invented by Kamui Fujiwara and developed by Nintendo and Enix and/or Quintet. A last representative of the unofficial Soulblazer row appeared to super Nintendo on 20 October 1995 for the play console and is.


Due to the parallels the story with religious stories as well as an extreme Nuancierung of these did not appear Terranigma officially in the USA, in Europe became it however a play very much liked.

Terranigma enjoys cult status under games of roles. While with other games of roles the world is to be usually saved, it must be developed with Terranigma only times. It is graphically seen for the super Nintendo a masterpiece, and also the sound makes Terranigma a milestone in the history of the games of roles. The music of the play written of Miyoko Kobayashi and Masanori Hikichi, which gave own theme songs to the most important figures of the play.

The play relies on the theory of the Yin and Yang, since many events and places show the difference between property and bad in this play. The partitioning of the play world in an upper world of the good one and an underworld of the bad one is a good example of it. Even the main character meets its counterpart of the upper world sometime.

Although Terranigma is a game of roles, the developers inserted also play elements of the categories Action Adventure and restaurant economics with. So one has for example the possibility of helping villages and cities with the development. In addition, this is regarded partly critically; thus the growth of the cities leads to a larger prosperity of the inhabitants, however one can notice an increase of the superficialness, the loss of historical townscapes and the exploitation of nature.

The name Terranigma is derived from latin word Terra (earth) and the Greek word Enigma (secret).

Contents of the play

In the Intro one reads the words: Our planet possesses two Seelen.Ein exterior and an inside Antlitz.Eine light and shade side millions years after the birth growth and purge to two soul on the light side developed new Leben.Die shade side solidified in eternal Eis.Die light side created itself new all developed magnificently. Fear and hate controlled the Schattenseite.So developed for property and bad

Contrary to others "save the world "- plays with Terranigma the world already went down by wars, bio weapons and the like. The world divided thereupon in two halves: an upper world without continents, animals, plants and humans and an underworld, which are sealed by a crystal fog and in still the plants, animals and humans in a village live named Krysta.

The Protagonist of the play is a boy named Ark - which one can also rename - in mentioned village in the underworld lives. A daily discovers he in the forbidden cellar of the house in which it lives a chest, whose seal he breaks and thus unintentionally to ice lets the inhabitants of its village solidify. By breaking the seal the crystal fog dissolves likewise, so that it can leave its village, in order to save the village inhabitants. After getaner work the village elder gives it the order to restore also the upper world. This part reflects the Erschaffung of the world. Ark must first the seas emerge let the continents. Then it must into the upper world, where its first goal South America is called, because applies there it to release the plants. Subsequently, it breaks open to North America, in order to free the birds and afterwards the wind. The birds bring it then to Africa, where it must free the animals. Finally Ark must pull towards Asia, in order to free humans and to support it later with the development of the civilization. Thus its is fulfilled to it of village elder course-meant task, but not its fate.

The main figures

Ark Ark lives since disappearing its parents with the village elder. It is inclined to play to it different capers, which already often brought it in difficulties. Ark with its friend Melina in Krysta spends the majority of its spare time. Ark is the playable Hauptcharakter.Melina from Krysta Melina is the friend of Ark and works in a weaving mill. Their strict nut/mother guards it, so that Ark cannot play it capers. Later it follows Ark in the upper world village elders one could the village elder mayor von Krysta call. He taught Ark the important things of the life and tries him with his wisdom on the correct way to bring. However he pursues secretly a larger Plan.Fluffy which Fluffy is exact, white only he. It lived thousands of years in a chest to Ark their seal fallow. Since then Fluffy Ark on its journey accompanies. Gradually Ark receives ever more information about the Wesen.Ma Jo mA-Jo is an old, wise and far-traveled monk. In addition it is the grandfather of Mei Lin. Ark meets it in Lhasa. MA-Jo possesses the gift of the Voraussagung.Mei Lin Mei Lin becomes acquainted with Ark in the spirit city Luran, where once its parents lived, until they died. Mei Lin is the granddaughter of mA-Jo. It possesses the ability illusions to create, and helps Ark sometimes thereby. Fyda Fyda is a sword which was assigned to protect the life of Melina from Storkholm. Ark becomes acquainted with it in the city Loire. Roy Roy is a sword fighter, who remains always calm. Ark meets it for the first time in the lock of Loire. Later they meet at different places. Roy was in former times times from Storkholm Melina from Storkholm is the Oberwelt of Melina from Krysta. Ark meets her for the first time in the throne hall of lock Loire, where she sits mutely beside the king. Since the death of its parents she spoke no more word, only as Ark and Mei Lin it their parents than illusion shows, speaks her again. Perry Perry is a black one, Ark in the city Liberita learns which to know. Perry drives Skateboard for its life gladly. With this ability it can help Ark quite often. Perry works in a Waisenhaus.Beruga Beruga is a scientist, who won once the Nobelpreis for biotechnology. Since then he dedicates himself to the research of the immortality, for he however also ready is to be killed. Ark meets Beruga for the first time in its laboratory in the proximity of the city Devota, where Beruga is admired as God. Beruga is very close to the means to the immortality, but wants it only those unsterblich to make, those, from its view, is important. At first it seems in such a way as if Beruga Arks largest enemy is. Later Ark finds out however that Beruga is only one puppet, which is steered by a much larger power.


The upper world in Terranigma represents the material earth, only some places has other names. In the underworld everywhere crystals stand on a piece country surrounded from lava. Only the village Krysta differs from the remainder of the underworld. It looks very idyllisch, with meadows, trees and small Fluss.Ausserdem still moves Ark by forests, deserts, mountains and buildings. It can enter also villages and cities. There it can rest itself and buy articles, or begin completely simply times a discussion with the adjacents resident. Ark can also help by certain activities that villages develop to cities. For example he must select the correct mayor in a city, since the village does not develop with the choice of the communist candidate otherwise.

Other to the expiration of play

If Ark defeated many opponents, rises its level, which makes it stronger and lets it its for opponents more easily defeat. Increase its points of force, its luck factor, his attack force and his defense. Points of force are taken off from it, if it is attacked by an opponent. If it lost all its points of force, it falls down and awakes, where it has last the play secured. The luck factor shows, how high the chance for good and strong hits is.

Ark fights with Speeren, from which he can find 25 differently strong copies. For the defense of opposing attacks arms stand for it for order, from which it can find also 25 and which also different strengths to have. He learns also the magic, with which he sound and strengthen himself, which it can use in addition, in the fight. It fights against monsters, ghosts, Zombies and robots. Its enemies are thus mainly natures of the mythology. Beside numerous opponents it on its journey in addition, many friends meet.

Ark can with its Speeren, beside which, different techniques use normal attack. One of it is the lightning pass in such a way specified, with which he runs and weapon lets which snap forward. This attack is particularly effective against fast opponents. Beyond that Ark control still another technology named Amoklauf; it hurls its Speer as wild around itself, which can be used well in the fight against many small isolated opponents. Then would be there still the eddy blade in such a way specified: With the employment of this technology Ark jumps and turns its weapon at the same time around itself, so that flying opponents are particularly hard met. During the flying sparks he finally runs, jumps and rubs the weapon against the soil, which makes to create particularly large and heavy opponents with difficulty. In addition it can use its weapon also as shield against projectiles. The fights run off in real time.

The play is divided into four chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Sunk continents
  • Chapter 2: Fauna and Flora
  • Chapter 3: Light and shade
  • Chapter 4: Ways of the fate

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