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The Telekom Austria AG came out 1998 from the post office and Telekom Austria (PTA), which again 1996 went out out of the post office and telegraph administration (PTV). In November 2000 the stock exchange course took place at the Viennese stock exchange and at the New York stick Exchange (NYSE).

The Telekom Austria is the largest telecommunications enterprise of Austria. Enterprise article are national and international, wire-bound and wireless telecommunication service achievements including firm network data services and Internet services. Internationally the Telekom Austria is among other things in the fixed net business with the Internet service Provider Czech on LINE on the Czech market represented.

In the mobile communication the Telekom Austria is positioned by mobilkom austria group - Mobilkom Austria and their subsidiary companies VIPnet, SI-mobilely and mobilkom - in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. In June 2005 the 100 %ige assumption of the Bulgarian Handy network carrier Mobitel was fixed.

In Austria the enterprise is market leader for Festnetztelefonie and Internet entrances. The of the Telekom Austria AG was originally only enterprise in the fixed net sector and transferred the largest power mains to Austria as well as the not insignificant debts. The last mile is briskly. In addition by the Telekom also the DATEX Pnetz is operated. Among other things of alternative operators is sometimes accused to the Telekom to abuse their supremacy on the market to keep and competitors if possible to obstruct want the prices as high as possible. Subject to discussions were in the past also the fees for ADSL, high in the international comparison.

The Telekom Austria is responsible in Austria also for the enterprise of the public telephone boxes, of which some were technically rigged lately and apart from to telephone also services like an Internet entrance and the dispatch of SMS messages and pictures to offer.

Also on on-line sector Telekom Austria with the customer portal offers the customer a rounded off package at Web services with special advantages for Telekom Austria Internet customer, extensive product informations and Customer Self Care applications in the Kundenbereich as well as a on-line Community with forums, a Chat and in December 2006 the gelaunchten Blogging platform.

To 6. March 2006 started the Telekom Austria with a pilot attempt to the digital television in the region Vienna, with which different features, among other things ordering films on push of a button (video on and) or the receipt of enamels via television set, are offered. The existing voice grade channel can be used thereby at the same time for telephoning, television and as entrance to the Internet. Thus the Telekom Austria AG in the first quarter rose 2006 in tripolarizes Play business in.


Fixed net
Tiktak private for private customer, TikTak Office for small and medium-sized enterprises, TikTak Business for big customers.

Furthermore various older tariffs, as well as separate Telefoniedienste for Businesskunden

On-line Portfolio
"" television via PC, "aonDigital TV" IPTV tripolarizes Play product, "" Blogging and Community portal
aonFlash, aonSpeed, aonPur, BusinessSpeed as well as XDSL & SDSL connections for Businesskunden
Became outdated Internet offers
AonPuls, AonClassic, AonBasis, AonComplete, LionCC

Members of the board:

  1. Chief Executive Officer: Heinz Sundt
  2. Chief Financial Officer: Stefano Colombo
  3. Chief operating Officer we LINE: Rudolf Fischer
  4. Chief operating Officer Wireless: Boris Nem"šic


Period: 20.11.2000 - 17.03.2006

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