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Technical fireworks are the name for pyrotechnic articles, which are not meant from Showeffekten for those production, but for primarily technical applications, for example in the model construction, to the chase of birds or as signal generators in emergency.

Legal (for Germany)

Products of the technical fireworks may be all year round used in Germany. May only by the Federal Institution for material research and - examination (BAM) certified products be used.

There are two classes in Germany: T1 and T2. Technical fireworks of the class T1 may be used in Germany without permission, for technical fireworks of the class T2 are necessary a special permit ("T2-Schein "), which can be possibly bound at a suitability and a knowledge proof and to the proof of suitable stock location. Contained maximally 20 gram pyrotechnic substance, for products of the class T2 there are products of the class T1 no restrictions.


  • Propellant charges of model rockets
  • Bird fright rockets
  • Signalraketen

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» Technical fireworks

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