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The Austrian tariff guard (10 October 1830 - 1. May 2004) was the oldest awake body of Austria, which the monitoring of the customs border and the crossing places was incumbent on. The tariff guard was subordinated to the Federal Ministry for finances.

With the entry east and Central European European Union member countries at the 1. May 2004 was left open the tariff guard due to a political decision of the Federal Government from the year 2003. Only 50 officials at the airport vienna Schwechat provided, as temporary solution, further their service; the remaining officials were assigned the Bundesgendarmerie and to the federal safety guard corps. Since 1 July 2005 there is now definitely no more tariff guard, at the same time took place fusing from Bundesgendarmerie, federal safety guard corps and Kriminalbeamtenkorps to the federal police.

The major task of the tariff guard was the customs inspection and a elevation of tariffs with goods imported goods to Austria. Also the prevention and uncovering of smuggling as well as the placing of illegal goods such as drugs or kind-protected animals belonged to the tasks.

Both at the customs border in relation to the foreign country and in the interior there were tariff serving places, e.g. on the customs stations. In Vienna vienna center was the station general customs office in place of the today's station; so designated, since in direct proximity the general customs office was. Starting from 1995 the service was accomplished together with the Bundesgendarmerie, which is responsible for person control.

Already with agreement and the free goods traffic, not only within the European Union to the Schengener, enter but also with the EWR countries Switzerland and Liechtenstein the tariff at the west and south borders was obsolet. Many officials had to change to the east border of the country. By the free goods traffic with the new member countries they are also not necessary more there. Many of the officials changed into the service of the Bundesgendarmerie, which accomplishes further person control, or the federal safety guard corps. The Bundesgendarmerie tries to prevent also illegal border crossings together with the federal army.

Corps badge

The corps badge of the tariff guard shows three perspectively road distances running to the Austrian state border. The symbol of the Austrian state and sovereignty related to the activity of the tariff guard, the jurisdiction in customs matters, ending at the closed Austrian border bar. A gewaffneter eagle freely floating over the border bar symbolizes the tariff guard and their Wehrhaftigkeit and watchfulness. Semicircularly the corps badge is enclosed of in each case a wreath/ring existing to the half made of laurel and oak leaves as symbols for Ehrenhaftigkeit and obligation loyalty.


The tariff guard was set up on 10 October 1830 under the name at that time with approximately 15,000 men for all of the monarchy of the house Austria under the line k.k of the general yard chamber, the later Treasury. In Venetien and the Lombardei it carried Guardia di Finanza for the names. 1843 became it with the combination with the downward gradient guard k.k. Financial guard renamed. By the regulations customs law width unit from the year 1920 it was renamed in tariff guard. In the year 1938 the tariff guard was integrated into the tariff border control of the realm financial administration and subordinated only in the year 1945 again to the Federal Ministry for finances.

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