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Tank general is round a computer strategy play of SSI from the year 1994. The play principle resembles technical the classical authors Nectaris and Battle Isle: On a hexagonal playing field that one sees from the bird perspective, the player pulls the individual combat troops successively.

Expiration of play

In tanks general has the player the possibility of after-passing on the Second World War on the side of the armed forces. He takes over thereby the role of the field marshal and has control of the entire controversy federations. The play is divided into several dozen of scenarios, which must be completed one behind the other. In these individual play scenarios it normally concerns to occupy strategically important points - usually cities or airports - within a certain number from play rounds to. Depending on, how quickly the player succeeds in taking these points the play process changes as different scenarios follows: Succeeds in for example locking the Poland campaign 1939 very fast the player receives an extra scenario, in which he can accomplish the Norway campaign.

The ultimative play goal is it to occupy by efficient employment of blitzkrieg tactics first completely Europe and North Africa in order successfully to accomplish afterwards an invasion on Washington, D.C. If the player does not create the round default in certain scenarios, then he comes into another arm of scenarios, in which he must resist the invasion of the allied ones in normandy and at the east front up to the city boundaries of Berlin.

The round limit increases in the process of the play just like the degree of difficulty and the size of the Spielkarten. The expiration of a scenario is always identical: First the player platziert its combat forces within a given range on the map. After this starting period it pulls its troops - consisting of Infantrie, tanks, artillery, bombers and hunters - in the order of its choice and accomplishes thereby attacks on the opposing units. Each unit has a limited movement radius, which is dependent on fuel, weather and ground condition.

The different units can be bought over prestige, which serves for this purpose as currency. The player receives points of prestige particularly by occupying hostile cities. The individual units are illustrations of actual munitions of the Second World War, then the legendary Junkers Ju 87 in the play appears likewise, like the tiger tank. The units are temporally correctly introduced, so that the further developed vehicles are available such as jets also only in scenarios starting from 1944 in the play. The units are taken over by scenario of scenario and win depending upon employment at experience - the more experienced a unit is, the more strongly is it in the fight.

Apart from the possibility of a complete campaign can play the plays also individual scenarios. Then also the possibility exists of kommandieren the allied units. In the original version of tank general was available the campaign mode only for the German side.

Acknowledgment & criticism

Tank general was particularly in Germany one extreme controversy publication. On the one hand it was the first play of its kind that so realistically and consistently treated the Second World War in the war-strategic perspective. The first publication of the play landed in Germany promptly on the list of the indicated plays of the federal inspection station for youth-endangering media. However not because of the expiration of play, but because the manual war-wonderful-ends passages aufweiste - in particular with it the descriptions of mission ("Briefings ") were meant, in which the player was instructed into a scenario.

Of the historical background tank general becomes independent due to play depth, realism and the vielfaltigen strategic and tactical possibilities of the player highly estimated. Under trailers of the round-based strategy plays it applies apart from titles such as Battle Isle or Jagged Alliance 2 to the best representatives of its category.

Successor and variants

Due to success and the popularity numerous successors and variants were published to tank general. "Fantasy general" shifted tank general principle in a Fantasy universe. THENoh "Allied general (1995) followed, with which one the role the allied one took over, Pacific general (1997) treated the Pacific war of the USA against Japan with emphasis on flight and sea-engagements. 1999 published SSI tank general 3D '', which made a 3D-Ansicht possible of the playing field by means of hardware acceleration. None the successor could however to success and the balance of the play concept of the original near-rich.

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