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Tabernaemontanus, Jacob Theodor, was actually born 1522 in Bergzabern as Patrizier and died in August 1590 in Heidelberg as recognized Botaniker, medical profession and professor for medicine and Botanik. The name Tabernaemontanus is a latinisierte form of the place name Bergzabern.

It received an education in Strasbourg and was among other things active as herb collecting tanks in white castle (Elsass) starting from 1538. 1540 it began a study of the medicine in Padua and later in Montpellier with Guillaume Rondelet. it turned 1548 back after white castle, where it worked again as herb collecting tank. 1549 it met the Botaniker and physician Hieronymus support for the first time, three years later was it during a plague epidemic disease among other things from Saarbruecken to Bergzabern on the way and wrote to 1553 a first book, "certain Pratick ", which had the treatment of the plague to the topic. Jakob Theodor had also contact to Otho Brunfels, Adam Lonitzer and Leonhart fox.

After Hieronymus support had become a victim of the plague, Jacob Theodor, which was already 1551/52 in agency of support a body physician of the counts of wet outer Saarbruecken, became in the year 1554 its successor, returned however already in the same year again to white castle. 1562 it registered at the age of 40 years at the University of Heidelberg, since its studies at other European universities in Germany were not recognized.

1581 appeared its balneologisches work "new water treasure ", and 1588 he published its Hauptwerk famous making him, "the new Kreuterbuch ", him beside Hieronymus support to the most important Botaniker 16. Century to make should. Jacob Theodor is considered applicable-proves as multiple founders of German health spas among other things to bath Schwalbach. On the occasion of the of anniversary of Tabernaemontanus those-German Hieronymus support society brought among other things intending medal out of Tabernaemontanus.

Several plant types carry the names of Theodor, so among other things the spring finger herb Potentilla tabernaemontani or the Salzbinse Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani.


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