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T-system is a Dienstleister for information and communication technology (ICT), operating world-wide. The enterprise belonged to the four main companies of the German Telekom AG (DTAG) and has its firm center in Frankfurt/Main.

T-system employs in well 20 countries approximately 52,000 coworkers (conditions 2005). The 100%ige Telekom daughter gained 2005 a conversion of 12.9 billion euro.

The adjustment as ICT offerers follows the observation that the border between information technology (IT) and telecommunications (TK) dissolves slowly and the two ranges in the term is to merge. The surname "Convergence company ", which T-system occasionally it gave itself should express that complete "convergence "- solutions consisting of IT and TK are offered.

T-system understands itself as business customer mark. The division "Enterprise services "aims at multinational companies as a customer, while "Business services "is aligned to medium-size and large customers.

T-system is that youngest of the four business fields of the Telekom. The others are T-Com (fixed net private customer as well as smaller and middle business customers), T-mobile (portable radio) and T-Online (Internet). T-Online becomes in the context of the Reintegration into the T-Com in the future under the strategic business field broadband/fixed net firmieren. Therefore since at the beginning of of 2005 consistently the marks T-Com, T-system and T-mobile are communicated, in each case representatively of the three future business fields.


The history of T-system began, as the German Telekom AG acquired a portion from first 50.1% at at that time largest producer-independent German IT-Dienstleister debis system house in October 2000. So far debis the system house belonged debis to the AG to 100% and thus the DaimlerChrysler AG. Debis the system house formed the basic stick of the again created T-system. 2001 transferred the Telekom among other things its daughters DeTeCSM, T-new facts, DETECON, Berkom and DeTeSystem on T-system. Those together approximately 40,000 coworkers of all T-systems private firms gained 1999 a conversion of approximately 20 billion DM. In March 2003 the Telekom bought the remaining 49.9% debis to system house. To the year end 2005 "gedas", the IT-daughter was bought by Volkswagen, of T-system.

The fusion of T-system and debis system house became difficult. The decentralized-self-sufficient and rather project-oriented culture of the debis world hit on the centralistic and rather view of management of the Telekom world aligned at volume products, which was finally interspersed by the Telekom. As consequence many high-level personnel left the company or experienced a meaning loss. Also at the point of the new enterprise there was unrest in consequence. The former founder of the debis system house, Karl Heinz Achinger, surprisingly destined as the chairman of the board over after short time due to different opinions over the strategic adjustment that of T-system only by Christian A. Hufnagl and then on 20 January 2003 by Konrad F. tear to be replaced. The latter had already before gained experience with the former system house, which it managed years before with the Joint venture with Cap Gemini kommissarisch. After the death of Konrad F. tear on 6 April 2005 was chairman of the board dock Uwe Ricke within the executive committee of the German Telekom AG the kommissarische agency in the business customer range, while Wilfried Peter as a likewise kommissarischer successor of tear provisionally the presidency of the management that of T-system took over. The Telekom supervisory board Lothar Pauly (46) appointed as 1 October 2005 into the company executive committee of the DTAG. The Siemens manager of many years and former boss of the crisis-vibrated Siemens communication section COM take over the department business customer and become at the same time CEO of the T-systems units Businesses services and Enterprise services.

A further problem was the organizational fusion of the different organizational units, which is not completely final until today. In addition it comes that the organisational structures themselves are not simply transparent for the coworkers. That is not only because of the different integration of the debis units. Often is unclear also in the management, who has responsibility for which ranges.

Since the new Telekom boss dock Uwe Ricke wants to again arrange the entire company, must again furnish itself also T-system.

So T-system further as mark to be established and the company is as such again to be aligned. On the one hand into a Enterprise range (T-system Enterprise services), responsible regarding outsourcing and Desktop services for large enterprises and on the other hand the Business range (T-system Business services). Here the IT-technologies for the middle class of the T-Com and that of T-system are to be bundled. While in the Enterprise range the firm structure remains existing, in the Business range a refusion with ranges of the T-Com will take place. For it necessary the goodwill transmissions of the T-Com (Telekom AG) to T-system Business services GmbH are to take place subject to the agreement of the general meeting of the German Telekom AG in the year 2006.

System integration and project support

Since one works in the big customer business in the context of long-term contracts, the project support is an important business field of T-system. Ideally the customer submits thereby T-system a requirement catalog, T-system sets up then a project plan, procures the technology, installs her ready for occupancy, trains the later users and is responsible for the short term service in case of of losses. So is T-system also system integrator of the problematic A2LL-Software (Hartz IV) for the federal agency for work as well as the Truck Mautsystems of madly Collect on German motorways. After the retarded start-up madly of the Collect Mautsystems this product successfully develops and finds world-wide interest.

Digital satellite technique services

T-system operates the transponder 113 on the satellite ASTRA 1H on 19,2"° east receive data:

  • Frequency: 12633 MHz
  • Polarization: Horizontal
  • Symbol rate: 22000 Kilo symbols
  • Forward error Correction (FEC): 5/6

Cared for channels

(sorts according to service ID)

  • TV: Course TV
  • TV: Kephas television
  • TV: XXP
  • TV: LifeStyle TV
  • TV/Data: Waiting room TV
  • DATA: Receiver AUTOMATIC Programming system
  • TV: Rhine Main tv
  • TV: K1010
  • DATA: b.i.s. AG
  • TV: T-system channel 1 (z. Time empty-standing; ex play channel TV)
  • DATA: InfomedTV
  • TV: SexySat (ex of T-system channel 3)
  • TV: T-system channel 2 (z. Time empty-standing)
  • Radio: Island radio
  • Radio: radio top40
  • Radio: HIT RADIO FFH
  • Radio: planet radio
  • Radio:

Untergesellschaften and subsections

The largest Untergesellschaft of T-system was until 2004 of T-system CDS ("Computing & Desktop services "), which took over maintenance of all computers of the Telekom and external customers and sells IT-technology at big customers.

The CDS organization was replaced in the year 2005 by the new service unit ITO (IT-operation) with the service LINEs CSS (Computing services & Solutions), dss (Desktop services & Solutions) and BPO (Business Process outsourcing); this structure is in such a way continued also 2006.

Within T-system is responsible the service unit of system integration (CSU SI) for research and development. It develops technologies and products for all other divisions of the Telekom, then the bases for T-DSL and T-UMTS were e.g. put there. In addition from there out pilot projects are e.g. cared for like the German IPv6-Testnetz of the Telekom.


eLab the test and demo center are that of T-system BS. eLab for system approaches OF Concept accomplishes a Proof. In the own premises, which are equipped with an extensive infrastructure, new developments are extensively tested by products and system approaches, before they are delivered to the customer. After the last restructuring eLab "Security belongs to the group + Testing", which in the range Technical Solution management (TSM) is settled.

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