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Here now an attempt to systematize the different subranges of the school right independently from national or subnationalen single regulations to:

  • School working group:
    • Which national level finances school building/current non-personnel costs/personnel
    • Under which conditions may other carriers maintain
    • School money or gratuity, learning aid liberty, free student
    • School districts, obligation for the admission or right to the rejection of
  • School organization:
    • Which school forms and are there, which entrance conditions, transition possibilities, final Transfer, blue letter
    • School supervision: Decree of curricula, supervision of service over the teachers etc.
    • Right one and obligations of the school line
    • Conferences of teacher, e.g. conference of class
    • Advertisement and Sponsoring at
    • Class frequencies, heat-freely
  • Instruction and obligations and rights of the pupil:
    • Compulsory schooling, occupation compulsory schooling, compulsory education
    • legal educating goals, local school program
    • Curricula
      • Special regulations for individual fan: Religious education, release from sport instruction
    • Permission of school books
    • Schoollegal supervision with special regulations for the school sport and for school travels ("bath decree", "moving decree"), smoking at school
    • Educational measures, order measures
    • Performance review, written performance record at school (classroom test, examination, learning control), school notes, school reports, transfer, Unterschleif
    • Data security, keeping, return of pupil work, archiving
  • Public service employment law for teachers:
    • Most important standards: Official-legal regulations, service order
    • Disziplinarrecht
    • Official liability
    • Teacher training
    • Performance review
    • Recruitment advertising, transports
    • educational liberty
    • Special regulations from copyright for the production and use of training aids; on the other hand no special arrangements with software licences, but must be agreed upon school licenses with the supplier.
  • Co-operation of pupils and educate-entitled:
    • Participation committees: Pupil agencies, parents agencies, school conference;
    • School newspapers;
    • individual right of participation of the educate-entitled.

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