SBB RABe 514

Year of construction2006-2009
Operating numbers (UIC)RABe 514,001 – RABe 514,060
Number of items60
Operational areaRapid-transit railway Zurich
Technical data
Motor vehicle typeelectrical Triebzugin static frequency changer technology
ManufacturerSiemens TS work Prague (final car) Stadler Rail work old person Rhine (Mittelwagen)
Wheel arrangementBo’Bo’+2’2’+2’2’+ Bo’Bo’
Maximum speed140 km/h
Achievement3200 KW
Hour traction power240 kN
Starting tractive powerkN
Mass and weight
Length over buffers~100’000 mm
Width2780 mm
Height4600 mm
Weight218 t
Course formationBt-B-b-RK
in first class74
in second class304
PredecessorRABDe 12/12, RH 450

The RABe 514 (Siemens Desiro) is a fourth-hasty double coming to a hold rubbing course (DTZ) the SBB for the rapid-transit railway Zurich.

The DTZ forms the second vehicle generation of the inhabitants of zurich rapid-transit railway and supplements starting from 2006 the first generation in form of the double stick pendulum courses (DPZ). Opposite these the DTZ has low entrances, vehicle air conditioning and vacuum toilets.

Building and start-up

Already before delivery of the first new vehicle first difficulties appear. Already it admits is that Siemens TS will be able to fulfill the contractually agreed upon creation of value in Switzerland, even with the assignment of work on Stadler Rail. On 2 December 2005 the inhabitant of zurich public for the first time view granted of the new and first composition at the main station Zurich. The RABe 514 is until May 2006 in the test operation, before the first compositions are activated.

Employment (planned)

The RABe 514 since at the end of May/at the beginning of June 2006 is used in the test operation on the line S14. Afterwards the first 20 compositions are on the S5, which are used further 15 on the line S7. The DPZ freely becoming thereby is to strengthen further courses, as well as to take over today still the lines claimant with RABDe 510 (Mirage) and RBe 540-Pendelzuggarnituren, if likewise the offer removals already planned permit this.

The RABe 74 places in the 1 have 514. , 304 places in the 2. Class, as well as about 600

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