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Style directions

The informing salesman was usual into the 1950er years. Thus the sales talk guidance in Europe still presented itself in the indication of the lack economy of the seller's market, under whose conditions the customer expected the salesman often joyfully. Into the 60ern the salesman tried to then adapt to the customers by arguments to the product. Thus it formulates Hans's Christian, professor for marketing to the FH Niederrhein in Moenchengladbach. The consequence was that a simple arrangement (see AIDA (marketing)) are sufficient often and customer orientation on a friendly tonality and the presentation of the commodity were limited.

Into the 1970ern the salesman was developed to the negotiation professional, into whom 80ern establishes to the advisor and and/or as a problem settler. Different style directions were coined/shaped rather by the individual personality of the advisor, as of strategic considerations of certain thinking schools in the sales. Today the salesman is no more short time partner, which than lonely wolf at the sales front fights and is considered on its advantage only, but he has a long-term partnership to develop, in which salesmen and buyers inform mutually due to the conditions of the buyer's market.

Brian Tracy is convinced of the fact that this relationship will still continue to shift: It is important to have as much information as possible over the customers said it recently to the technical periodical Sales Business. The salesman should be informed about the customers and its desires, needs, problems, in order advise him professionally and be able to care for. Only who knows as much as possible about its customers, still confidence can develop with it. To inform it must for his part the customers however hardly still: The customers became so more clever, them approach to all information, which needs them. (Quotations FAZ 29. March 2004)

With the change of the industrial company to the information society the sales talk guidance began itself to diversify in the middle of the eighties accordingly. Beside more traditional, often simple discussion arrangement developed the two extreme style directions of the "hard in such a way specified Selling" and "Loveselling".


In the publication Happy Selling of beer tree, Marwitz and May (first edition 1990) gives neurolinguistic programming strong loans for the psychology of selling and places partnership selling (Win Win) into the center. Basis for this are also influences of the Harvard concept, which was already developed in the years in the USA and which guiding principle hard in the thing - soft to humans for the conduct of the negotiations Further representatives of this style direction are Edgar Geffroy with its Clienting and the dolphin strategy in such a way specified. Important elements of the customer-oriented sales talk guidance are:

  • Open question technology with Empathie and flexible structure of discussion
  • Operante conditioning in form anchor (NLP)
  • Graphic language in connection with relating of competitor characteristics
  • Realistic speech of problems
  • Employment of positively konnotierter attraction words
  • Suggestionen with Mind Mapping (see neurolinguistic programming)
  • Utilizable value argumentation with strong perspective adjustment for the customer enterprise
  • Fairness in handling competitors and complaints.

Power Selling/hard Selling

The rather egoistic style direction in the sales conditions the customer on a unique achievement acceptance. It takes place today particularly at products and services, which are in the next to last and last phase of the life cycle and wait for the absorption. Typical representatives of this sales sale use also the fundamental elements of the need collection and Operante conditioning, them place however not their service catalog into the context of suppliers and competitors of the customer and are also not interested in the secondary product use, thus the use for the customer of the customer. A goal is often it to manufacture an asymmetrical negotiation situation. Here stand after January L. dare instead of its in the foreground:

  • Question technology with high Suggestiv portion and strongly structured discussion manual
  • Euphemisti speech of problems
  • Language melody without attention of the main perception channel of the customer
  • The application of an argumentation matrix (after January L. dare a mechanistical table of customer typology and utilizable values)
  • Organization of arguments with high personal purchase to the customer
  • Confrontation with knowledge deficits of the customer with its objection lecture (removal of customer objections).

The "technokratische salesman in such a way specified", who means that the customer can ask, what it interested, that sprays each type of customer with stereotyped Schmeichelein met and charm, in order to be accepted, marks ark types in the sales, which harms the occupation of salesman again and again lastingly.

Here are a confrontation of both ark types in an external paper of the main author of this article in the Wikipedia.


Only about 15 per cent of the salesmen in the field service receive a fixed salary. After a current inquiry under 241 enterprises of the management consultation Kienbaum management Consultants GmbH in Germany are success-dependently recompensed to about 85 per cent of the representatives. Their remuneration systems want to develop 38 per cent of the asked employers in the future still further toward achievement orientation. According to Kienbaum a junior salesman earns on the average 45,000 euro per year. A field service leader receives on the average 115,000 euro, the study showed however a very large content span. With salesmen from under 30.000 to over 150.000 euro and with high-level personnel from under 50.000 to over 250.000 euro. Best the enterprises of the mineral and chemical industry pay. A field service leader earns here on the average 125,000 euro in the year. (Source: FAZ 29. March 2004)

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