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The succession planning of a sales talk can fail both in the retail trade and in the industrial selling very differently. From simple Dramaturgien (greetings, presentation, offer, conclusion) like it the AIDA concept obtain, up to sophisticated arbeitsteiligen multiple meetings, with which Selling centers so mentioned meet high-specialized Buying centers, is used unclear variety of "film scripts". Well trained salesmen act therefore humanly interactively and spatial-temporally flexibly, consider during their process planning the situativen context of sales sale and use the purposeful acknowledgment of coworkers at the customer to their own structure of confidence.

Roughly it can be said that the attention of humans is only approx. 20 minutes coherently highly concentrated possible. A first noticeable exhaustion with presentations becomes after approximately 45 minutes clearly. After at the latest one hour of continuous presentation the attention almost completely breaks down. A very good salesman becomes therefore its presentation according to rhythmisieren.

In practice sales procedures are through-planned rarely by psychologists. More frequently small and middle enterprises with a mixture go loosely out of experience and "belly feeling" as well as without large consideration for motivation theory, attention degree and prescription ion behavior on the customers. Such salesmen talk much, ask few and present, without investing creativity. PowerPoint shows without Pictogramme and music, Charts and/or foils, which read themselves like operating instructions, hardly utilizable value representation from the view and in the language of the customer, scenes from the work everyday life of the customers of the customer and presentations without Micropausen and/or haptische elements (samples) into tracing do not determine unfortunately frequently the picture of the salesman in the field service.

Relevant training courses for salesmen are not importantly judged from cost reasons straight in smaller enterprises than, as long as the conversion covers the costs and a small profit. In addition the sales of sales training for specialunaquainted entrepreneurs is a popular field for the proof in such a way specified that the methods of the psychology of selling do not function evenly. This is in view of the announcement "sells I to you a selling" now and the fact that an informed customer reliably so easy "do not persuade" is, partially also correctly. Unconscious procedures, like recommendation techniques and artificial restriction ("… only for VIP customers possible/info. meeting without fee - sales training against fee"…) function then however all the more effective.

Contact phase and structure of relations

The "Smalltalk in such a way specified" usually takes the beginning of a sales talk. It can consist of short nonverbalem view contact or develop long and in detail. The contact making sure in the dialogue with the customer provides the entrance for the salesman into the structure of relations, which is for the confidence basis in the sales of crucial importance. From in the small talc like e.g. artificial Kumpanei or stereotyped questions the professional salesman refrains. A respectable preparation of the sales talk gives however material information to the advisor on the contact person and the personal conditions like e.g. hobby, orders of the customer and important customers of the customer.

Without at least good relations level the personal sales cannot succeed. Smell, Habitus, preferences and social status between customer and salesman must be felt depending upon degrees of the advisory activity at least as pleasant or be even approximately compatible. The following phases in the sales are without relations basis completely worth and insignificantly. Frequently sales projects fail because of the fact that the advisor either only tries to produce such a confidence basis quasi "by force" or the trouble does not even make itself to take a perceptible internal position customer.

Need collection

Before a salesman can make at all an offer, he must know, what the customer could need necessarily or. For this the question technology usually serves, via whose application a purposeful alignment of the customer's requests with the available products takes place. It is not an original goal of the average salesman (probably however the broker), of making to the customer only an offer optimal for it to find but mostly a way the offers of the employer to represent in such a way that they can satisfy as much as possible the needs of the potenziellen customer. The use of leading questions is here characteristic of a little customer-friendly discussion guidance, while open questions the prospective customer show that the salesman is also actually, at least in the context of his possibilities, an advisor.


The argumentation tries to justify another statement by the interpretation (conclusion) of different statements (sentences/premises). Each premise and the conclusion are Teilaussagen of the argument. In the psychology of selling by arguments a large role is attached to the conviction. However each sales procedure cannot lead to the desired conversion. Depending upon type of customer either a deductive or more inductive argumentation will be helpful.

The bottleneck-concentrated strategy of Wolfgang Mewes points out, how important the concentration is on the largest utilizable value. A customer, who buys few, can quite be a A-customer, if it functions due to its personal network as multiplicator in its industry. Likewise a small conclusion can contain high margins, since the deductions remain small.

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