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Systematics of the ferns shown here apply in the Wikipedia as reference; this concerns in particular the entries in Taxoboxen.

The organization of the ferns into families and orders is at present still most speculative. Therefore systematics of different authors differ in particular in the class of the actual ferns (Polypodiopsida) partly considerably.

Systematics of the ferns represented here depend on | the check list OF World Ferns of Michael Hassler and Brian Swale, the conditions of February 2006. With articles over in this systematics not specified orders, families or kinds should one the collecting main: Old Taxon use.

The scientific names exhibit endings, which are characteristic for the status of the appropriate Taxa after the international code of the Botani nomenclature. The names of the families end on "- aceae", those of the orders on" - ales ", the subclasses on "- idae" and the classes on" - opsida ".

In following, not arranged enumerating, orders are fat set. Orders and families are implemented in principle as left. Kinds are implemented as left only if an article exists to them or at least to a subordinated kind.


  • Marattiales
    • Marattiaceae
      • Angiopteris, Archangiopteris (Protangiopteris), Christensenia, Danaea, Marattia


  • Psilotales
    • Ophioglossaceae
      • Botrychium (Sceptridium, Japanobotrychium, Osmundopteris), Cheiroglossa, Helminthostachys, Ophioglossum
    • Psilotaceae
      • Psilotum, Tmesipteris

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