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System Shock is a computer game row, which is to be settled in the category of the 3D-Action-Rollenspiele. The play row unites an above average player liberty and many elements of the Cyberpunk category, with which as indirect predecessors likewise from Warren of the Spector Deus ex series developed it apply.

System Shock

System Shock appeared 1994 for MS-DOS-PC. It was developed by the Looking Glass of Studios and driven out by Origin.

The 3D-Action-Rollenspiel plays in the future on the space station CIT aristocracy. The age Ego of the player settles a hacker job and receives as reward a CyberSpace interface. When it awakes after its artificial healing sleep, it must state that on the station a heavy accident occurred. Artificial intelligence Shodan, which controls CIT aristocracy, became moved and threatened now mankind.

The play captivates by for the time at that time an efficient 3D-Grafik-Engine, which is partly superior in its abilities of the well-known Doom engines, what by the fact marks itself among other things that it permits also diagonal levels and the variable force of gravity. The rudimentary physics engine was revolutionary for this time; thus thrown articles fell automatically to Boden.Ausserdem much value on a binding history with many idioms were put, instead of only on pure Action e.g. to the wall. Actually one could specify in the attitudes whether one wants to design the play rather for Shooter or on game of roles.

System Shock 2

The successor system Shock 2 appeared 1999 and falls back to the events of the first part. The diagram was revised and the control as well as the interface were improved accordingly. The play of Looking Glass of Studios and irrationally Games was developed. The play of Looking Glass of Studios and electronics was produced kind.


The second part plays in the year 2114 on board the over-light-fast spaceship "from brown". Six months after departure of the ship from the earth the crew stands for the main ship attached heavy cruiser briefly before a civil war between the crew of the of brown and the soldiers of the UNN Rickenbacker. Before the situation can to intensify itself, the ships receive a strange signal from the surface of the planet rope Ceti 5. An investigation crew is taken in by the there annelidenartigen natures psychologically and brings it finally on board the of brown. The player, a soldier of the UNN, is equipped in this situation with cybernetic implants and wakes up some days after the events on the of brown from a cryogenic sleep. Meanwhile the strange Anneliden, which calls itself now "the mass", assimliert the crew and the ship took over. The player explores gradually the events of the last days and discovers, in what respect the AI Shodan from the first part is involved into all expirations.


The diagram engine of the play be based on an easily improved diagram stand of the play Thief produced by the same manufacturer: The Dark Project. That means that the diagram is no Augenschmaus, but animations and the sound window blind for conditions at that time were considerable. The feeling of the isolation, the opponents already expenditure-provoked in the predecessor and noise-mix from schlurfenden monsters and unidentifizierbaren sounds of the of brown produces a fearful atmosphere, as it can better hardly be. For many players system Shock is unequalled 2 in things fright moments.

The fact that the player can develop in many different directions and on pure force of arms does not only have to rely, provides for a high Wiederspielbarkeitsfaktor.

Important figures in the play

  • Shodan: The AI Shodan survived and uses the events of the first part the player, in order to proceed against its own creation. Secretly she pursues thereby her own, dark goals.
  • The mass (also Vielheit): A biological collective that from Shodans experiments in the space station CIT aristocracy developed. After they infiltrated the of brown, they revolt to assistance of the ship against their former creator and want over the whole galaxy to spread. At the beginning of only annelidenartige natures, go through the natures a fascinating evolution and constantly develop themselves assistance further of human landlord bodies.
  • Xerxes: On board computer of the of brown. Within many ranges not as matured as Shodan, the AI is reprogrammed by the infected technicians of the of brown and works now against the former crew.
  • William bath Ford Diego: Captain of the UNN Rickenbacker and son by Edward Diego. After the investigation crew discovers the strange organisms, it gives plenty of rope to Korenchkin to bring it on board the of brown. Later it is infected and part of the mass, decides then however against it, which seals its death.
  • Anatoly Korenchkin: Boss of the of brown and leading manager of tri optimum. Since its highest directive represents the well-being of the company, it lets dazzle from the sensation of a first contact and brings themselves the Anneliden despite all danger on board the ship. From the outset it purges to the call of the mass and mutates to a psi Reaver, in order in the long run by the player to be killed.
  • Dr. Marie Delacroix: Boss genius urine of the of brown and Erfinderin of the hyperspace drive. Those the mission from the outset sceptically adjusted Wissenschaftlerin strikes itself after the invasion of the of brown on the page Shodans, in order by it to be betrayed later. At the end of the play it is it, which reveals the player Shodans true plans and it last vital information gives.
  • Dr. Janice Polito: Wissenschaftlerin on the of brown. It decodes the AI fragment of rope Ceti 5 and helps unknowingly Shodan to spread in on board computers of the ship. Up to the operation deck it leads the player by the of brown, actually uses Shodan only their picture, in order to win the confidence of the player, since it is dead long.
  • Spaceship of brown: The first over-light-fast spaceship of history. The of brown has six of deck: A technique deck, a research deck and hospital ward, a deck for the Hydroponik, an operation deck, a leisure deck as well as the command deck. Each deck has different sections, which are connected by a bulkhead. Entrance to all deck gets one over a central main elevator. Since the of brown a pure research ship is, she possesses neither weapon systems nor soldiers.
  • Spaceship UNN Rickenbacker: Heavy space cruiser. Since the UNN wants to know the mission not completely without military participation, the Rickenbacker is connected by a set of Andockmechanismen with the of brown, in order to provide for their security. The ship possesses its own crew independent of the of brown and has a considerable weapon arsenal. In the comparison to the parent ship the Rickenbacker is smaller around a substantial.


Contrary to the predecessor system Shock 2 with several players can Internet be played over the network or cooperatively (if the Patch is installed). The moreover one exist various fan projects, which sat down among other things it to the goal of up-polishing the diagrams of the meanwhile nevertheless all right betagten play.

Further parts

The rights at system Shock, which in the year 2006 was renewed, lie since the dissolution of Looking Glass completely with the industry giant electronics kind. Annually assumptions emerge over a third part, the probability are however extremely small. Irrationally Games mentioned however that meanwhile on an indirect successor with the title BioShock one works. On the E3 2006 in Los Angeles the play was presented and made at the professional world good impression. According to the Publisher Take 2 will biosquat in the course of the yearly 2007 on the Xbox 360 and the PC to appear. It is to be assumed characters are not to be found such as Shodan in this play. However the interface will resemble from system the Shock 2 much. The leading programmer describes BioShock as mixture from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Doom 3 and system Shock 2.

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