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SWIV is a Shoot 'em UP von Storm, appeared 1991 for the Commodore Amiga with Sales Curve.

Here it concerns the continuation of the Actionklassikers Silkworm, with which up to two players may erwehren themselves at the same time the approaching opponent crowds, one in the helicopter, the other one in the jeep.

The characteristic of this Actionspiels is that there is only one level, which scrollt the whole time from top to bottom.

Over the names of the play some rumors climbed, then was SWIV once "Silkworm IV" or however "Silkworm in vertical" was called (the latter an allusion on it that Silkworm was a seitlichscrollendes Shoot 'em UP).

The Macher

  • Diagram: Ned Langman
  • Music: Andrew Barnabas
  • Coder: Ronald P. Weeserik

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