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The switch, also headstock mentioned, is original a stick-like aid between 50 and 130 cm for affecting and punishing the horse when riding was developed. The switch serves here not only the punishment, but gives to the horse also instructions, which are not to be given with the other assistance not or so clearly.

A further use for switches lies than corporal punishment instrument in the range BDSM.

General structure

In former times the core of the switches from woods was manufactured such as Haselnussruten, Rattan, lichens, pasture staffs or in today's time is used however primarily a fiber glass rod for it. Generally by an appropriate shroud end a handbroad grasp is formed, which changes 120 cm then into a long staff - between 25 -. At the grasp is mostly still another Handschlaufe from leather, in order to facilitate a carrying around the wrist.

As conclusion both small reinforced cords are used (with shrubs at the end) which corresponds also to the Cracker usual with whips, or they end in a broad lax one (impact) of a piece the leathers/plastic to consist.

The body and the handles are encased offered either with plastic, in addition, leather coats are quite usual (mostly with jumping switches). In addition, Glassuren with samples are offered, primarily for Dressurgerten.

Switches within the range riding

The switch can be used in different places of the The normal position for the switch employment is the flank of the horse, if possible close of the place, at which also the Unterschenkel of the rider presses against the Pferdeleib. With Remonten the shoulder an effective place of work is frequent. For the improvement of the Hankenbeugung the switch can be inserted also on the croup of the horse.

The length of the switch depends on the targeted application. For the jumping riding shorter switches are used starting from approximately 50 cm, which frequently with a widened final range, which is provided gossips. Into the Dressur switches are inserted from 110 to 130 cm. The maximum lengths for switches at the tournament, permitted on German tournaments, amount to 75 cm with impact (jump) and/or 120 cm with impact (Dressur).

Most switches used today have a core from fiber glass, which umsponnen with a fabric coat is, which be besides still painted can, in order to avoid a scrubbing of the switch at the riding trousers. Switches are cut also traditionally from Haselnussruten.

It generally gives 3 different switch assistance:

  • Driving assistance
  • Keeping assistance
  • Punishing assistance

Switches within the range BDSM

Within range the BDSM switches are used frequently as corporal punishment instruments. Their safe employment requires motor being able and anatomical basic knowledge.

Switches kinds

  • Reitgerte well-being the most well-known kind (English crop) from a short grasp, and a long - flexible body exists. It is locked by a small impact (piece of leather).
  • To jumping switch or headstock consisting of a short grasp, a short so whole flexible body of ca.30 cm and to do not end a small paddle (a bent piece of leather). Thus an impact is not so painful, but quite loud.
  • Jockeygerte - consists you like the jumping switch of a short grasp - a short body, but however from a very long impact. Their classical employment is to be seen natural with the Jockey, which can need only a short way.
  • Dressurgerte you has a short - mostly very beautiful grasp, a very long, thin body, and a very thin impact at the end. It is substantially thinner than the Reitgerte, therefore it reaches by far Geschwindkeiten with striking and produces a beautiful sirrendes noise. By its thin execution it is however by far more break-endangered than such.
  • High-grade steel switch a Hightechvariation completely made of high-grade steel exists and no impact up-known. The length amounts to mostly 60-70cm whereby the part rising up out of the steel grasp approximately 3mm strength up-known. Expressed the high flexibility in connection with extremely low strength make very good conductibleness possible at very high speeds. There is practically no danger of fracture, however inappropriate handling can bend, the switch by "bending". The "singing" acoustics and impressing "ballistic" effect lend a very high function potential to it.
  • Kutscherpeit you is from their design rather a switch, very long body - up to 2 m, and mittlellanger impact from a piece rope, represents thus thereby the transition between switch and whip.
  • Sjamboks a kind of switch from polypropylene, which is used with Elephanten, resident in Africa, or as "stick" replacement at the police. In addition, special, responding designte versions for the BDSM range are particularly manufactured in the meantime. Their employment at the there police witnesses both from their stability, and from their high effect potential.

Special forms

For travel purposes switches also plug-in or switches are manufactured in the form of telescope systems. Also remarks as simple plastic switches are offered in the Erotikbereich.

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