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Super Size ME is a documentary film of the US director Morgan trace LOCK, which McDonald's and other nearly Food chains criticized and whose products as an important cause for the strong predominance wide-spread in the USA represents. The film became there so successful that even large multiplex cinemas were interested to show it. On 15 July 2004 the film started also in Germany.


For its film trace LOCK exposed itself to an unusual self attempt: it took 30 days long nothing else as products from McDonald's to itself. Its rules were: to eat three complete meals on the day with McDonald's to order to go under no circumstances more than 5000 steps per day and always "SuperSized" - menus, if he were asked for it.

The film so e.g. shows its preparations to the experiment and its consequences, trace LOCK investigations with three physicians and its discussions with a with its one-sided nutrition, connected with lack of movement, health problems are long in coming not. Further trace LOCK reports to health and social kind on general consequences of the excessive nearly Food consumption, both.

Criticism at the film

"Super Size ME" is coined/shaped of subjectivity and drives predominantly one-sided clearing-up.

It leaves a impression among other things that trace LOCK had e.g. the film production supported obviously from the Sandwiches selling nearly Food chain Subway (the young man in the film, which was very over weighty and decreased strongly, holds on behalf of Subway lectures on healthy nutrition).

In addition the nutrition practiced by trace LOCK is probably not only regarding McDonald's & Co. problematic: who verzehrt daily three large warm meals and gives in addition any movement up, can probably live hardly healthy.

Problematic is likewise the purposeful unilateral nature of the nutrition. If someone would feel symptoms of a lack of zinc for example after 30 days of exclusive nutrition with fruit, nobody would come on the idea, fruit as in principle unhealthy abzutun. However it must be said to the fact that McDonald's takes up contrary to a Obststand on the market place for itself to offer adequate meals. Therefore it must be also permissible to measure the offered food at this standard.

An inaccuracy occurs to the Machern of "super Size ME" with the definition of a calorie. The Expertin Marion Nestle (Professorin for nourishing teachings and hygiene at the university of New York), asked by trace LOCK, defines these in the film falsely as the quantity of energy, which one needs, in order to increase the temperature of a litre water by a degree Celsius. Rather it concerns thereby the heating up of a gram water. However it is to be noted that colloquially the word Calorie/calorie can stand also for a kilocalorie.

The Gewichtszunahme documented in the film is so extreme that the food chemist Udo Pollmer suggest that it could have been strengthened artificially, e.g. by income by Anabolika. Typical side effects of Anabolika are also the liver damage documented in the film and the Impotenz. These effects are not to be expected alone by the one-sided nutrition. Further the Cholesterinspiegel for a man this age, measured at the end of the film, is to be regarded as normal, possibly trace LOCK before beginning of the experiment took so-called Cholesterinsenker, in order to increase the difference of the values measured in the regarded period.

, In which the film came on the market, according to statement of McDonald's however without appropriate connection, in America and Germany with McDonald's and other nearly Food chains menus with easier components were offered about at the same time. Like that it is possible since that to replace the Pommes of frites by a salad. Some salad offers are however rather calorie-rich, because they contain ham strips, Feta cheese or fat-rich salad sauces. Also different hochkalorische products, like doubleHamburg, are further offered and applied.


  • 2005 - Nominating for the OSCAR
  • 2005 - Golden Satellite Award as Best Motion Picture, Documentary
  • 2005 - WGA Award (screen) the Writers Guild OF America, the USA as Best Documentary Screenplay
  • 2004 - New Director's Award with Edinburgh internationally the film festival for trace LOCK
  • 2004 - MTV news: Docs: Prize with the Full Frame Documentary film festival
  • 2004 - Director's Award with the Sundance film festival

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