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The strand pulling procedure (also Pultrusionsverfahren) is a method for the production of fiber-reinforced plastic profiles in a continuous operational sequence.

The reinforcement fibers are led across an inker by their placing situations into a resin tub (also soaking tub). A Kadiergitter provides for the desired distribution of the fibers in the later profile. These are soaked in a resin tub with synthetic resin and go through several gathering mold act ions, which the fiber resin mixture ever more near to the desired, final form to advance. Additionally further reinforcement material added such as mats, fabrics or flow.

Once brought into the desired form, the mixture is hardened at temperatures between 100 and 200"°C (depending upon material) in a template (hot hardening procedures or polymerization). With large volume profiles is to be prevented on as constant a heat distribution as possible to respected over tears. In such a way hardened profile is sawed afterwards into arbitrarily long parts.

The entire process is held by a draw tool on, which pulls the profile and thus the fibers with the resin and the reinforcement material out of the hardening tool (therefore it also the English name Pultrusion from tons pull - draw and extruding - pushing through).

The strand pulling procedure is suitable around (relative) low-priced fiber-reinforced plastic profiles to manufacture. However the quality of in such a way won composite material is not enough until today to competitive procedures near. A special problem represents the fast hardening of the resin which to bubbling leads and thus to reductions with the durability. Due to the relatively low quality of the resin matrix above all low-priced glass fibers are suitable as reinforcement material.

Above all the speed of the production connected with the high degree of automation and the lower costs exerted by it open to fiber-reinforced plastic profiles, manufactured in the strand pulling procedure, new application fields like for example than constructional replacement for steel sections in the above ground construction.

Until today (2005) it is not possible to manufacture itself curved profiles or in its form changing profiles in the strand pulling procedure.

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