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Strapse (probably original plural to Strapp = cord or of English strap = small band, HalterSo the German dictionary of Jacob and William Grimm) or Strumpfhalter are flexible small bands with a clip, which to Dessous to the Begestigung of purifying trunks are attached.


Already in alemannischen woman graves from that 4. to 7. Century buckles were found for the attachment by calf binding. From a of Heinrich VI. (1190-1197) is well-known seidener, belts with several green and red be-being those cords, bolted in knots, which were fastened only by the skirt pulled, then on holes of the socks. In a picture from that 12. One can recognize century, how Beinlinge are fastened to a break belt. still into the 60's 20. Century small bands were used with children for the attachment by at the Leibchen. width spreading found Strumpfhalter with the availability of nylon socks. They were at that time usually fastened to Miedern or This became in the 60's 20. Century by the Strumpfhose quasi completely displaces.


Dessous, at which they can be attached, are Corsage, Torselet, Korsett, sometimes also Body and rarely slip. With the it gives in addition, its own Dessous, whose only purpose is holding the socks with Strapsen.

Sock and Strapse can be connected in two kinds: An eye and a button mostly are at the lower end the small band. For attachment the button between leg and the conclusion of the sock is pushed and put then the eye in such a way over the fact that the conclusion lies between button and eye and is the button in the large opening of the eye. Then the eye is withdrawn, so that the button engages. Sometimes also a usual clammy one is used, which is angeklipst simply at the sock.


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