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The station Hanover fair/Laatzen is because of the border of the cities Hanover and Laatzen in direct proximity to the fairground Hanover.


In view to the world exhibition Expo 2000 was built here a modern presenting station. The station hall spans the tracks by means of one approx. 60 m is enough and 36 m broad prestressed concrete bridge and is exaggerated over the whole length with a roof structure from curved steel bar works. The entrance to the passage platforms is made by one at the same time as platform roof serving bridge construction (finger), which open the platform with several outlets.


Most time in the year serves the station Hanover fair/Laatzen only as regional station for the adjacent residential areas and industrial areas on the distances Hanover Goettingen and Hanover Hildesheim resounding.

Only during the large guidance fairs (e.g. CeBIT, Hanover fair) the station serves as additional long-distance traffic station, in order to relieve the main station Hanover. During the CeBIT approximately 225 special trains as well as 800 regular main line trains keep additional at the fair station. Among them are approximately 600 ICE. In addition only to these causes the rapid-transit railway line S6 operates as transfer-free connection over the main station to the airport Hanover. Starting from 2008 the S4/S8 will regularly operate between and Hildesheim, whereby the fair station is regularly attached to the rapid-transit railway net.

The fair station has 3 platforms with 6 tracks as well as 2 passage tracks along the high-speed distance covered Hanover peppering castle. Numerous parking lots as well as a stop of the metropolitan railway are in direct environment.

Fair binding

The last 340 m between station and fairground are bridged with the Skywalk (a double pipe, which owing to two parallel running moving pavements and two ways a fast and weather-protected connection for pedestrians makes possible).

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