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The computer game Starship Troopers is a spin off of the film Starship Troopers and/or the Science Fiction novel of Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers. It is the second attempt of the strand elite of Studios this to bring rather tumbe Ballerspiel on the market.

With this computer game the player takes over the role of a member of the special-purpose force Marauder and must against hostile, so-called nose (English "insects "and/or "vermin ") and "the pseudo Arachnida "the extraterrestial, spider-similar species of the planet Klendathu fight.


The play begins five years after the destruction of Buenos Aires by one "nose meteor ". The enemies could be pushed aside far into the Arachnoiden quarantine zone, but the war still always persists. The special-purpose force of the Marauder, to which one belongs as a player, is to contribute to it the enemy to venichten.

The play is organized in Leveln. After solution of with difficulty becoming "tasks "the player achieves the following level.

The tasks exist mainly in "the Abknallen "from enemy. In addition a more largely becoming weapon arsenal is to the player with increasing level at the disposal. Begun with "the Marauder suit ", "special shells ", "the Marauder Mk4 storm rifle "over "the Morita Mk2 "with "pumping gun ", "sniper telescope ", "garnet throwers "up to "the bazooka "with atomic blowing up head.

As in the book and in the film element force and aggression glorification are also with the computer game beside various pseudo faschistoiden.

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