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StarLancer is a computer game for the PC, developed by digitally Anvil, which was published in the year 2000 by Microsoft and to which category of the space Flugsimulationen belongs.


The play describes the conflict between the alliance and the coalition, the two parties of the human race, which spread in the meantime over the whole solar system. With the signing of a peace treaty the alliance of the coalition is issued; most alliance positions and - spaceships are destroyed as well as many soldiers and civilians and are killed. Some ships of the alliance can save themselves and establish however a provisional employment basis, from which they take up the fight against the coalition.

Here the player enters into history. It plays a nameless pilot, who announced himself voluntarily on the side of the alliance, which represents the "good ones", to the military. Still during the Intros it becomes that 45. Squadronsquadron squadron assigned and on the carrier TO the Reliant shifts. To "carrier" to the today's aircraft carriers and can smaller space hunters correspond start, such fly the player. The leaders of the squadron are COMM other Maria Enriquez, who hold the Missionsbriefings and occasionally for support along, as well as Brad Callan (pointed name viper), which leads the squadron at the beginning of the play during the missions. Later in the play exploded call to the spaceship due to a technical defect and Marc Bannister (pointed name bandit) replaces it. Despite in the play used same designations is located to Enriquez in rank over Callan and Bannister.

Since the player can please other pilots to destroy its goal for it or him help, because it is fired at, the player in many reports is confounded over the play with the squadron leader. Actually concerns here however only requests, which the other pilots follow, so that the losses are as small as possible during the missions and the employment runs off optimally.

With the time the alliance succeeds in despite their pay and weapon-moderate inferiority finally switching the coalition off of always far back urge and (at the end of the play) even the wire-puller of the ambush with the signing of the contract. Up to this time the alliance however also must accept still some losses, then for example the carrier of the player is destroyed, so that the entire 45. Squadron is shifted on to Yamato. Also the squadron, which the Yamato at this time already has, the Ronin, are lost.

In the course of the action the squadron, in which the player serves, makes itself by numerous difficult, but successfully finally completed employments a good reputation, to it from 45. Squadronsquadron squadron in 45. Flying of tiger renamed and in such a way to a "genuine" squadron becomes. Together with the praise (and/or the criticism), which the pilots after each mission from the squadron leader receives, works this extremely motivating.

Is there each pilot with a name, a photo and a personal record equipped, can the player some pilots, whom frequently along-fly, proper "to the heart grows". Altogether the player, also by little things, feels as for example different crew members, that greet him on the way by the spaceship, than part of the play and into history is perfectly pulled in.

Expiration of play

The play consists of 24 individual missions. Before each mission the player as well as other pilots from its squadron in an employment discussion is cleared up over the next mission and can select itself a space hunter as well as its rocket assembly accordingly. It fly only the squadron leader, the player as well as four further pilots also, although the squadron consists of substantially more pilot. These are available for the following missions, if someone is shot. During the individual missions the squadron receives mostly no supply, neither at weapons nor at pilots.

In the course of the play the player, dependently on the number of shot opposing ships, ascends in rank, and receives in such a way access to better ships and rockets. Between the individual missions it can move freely in its accomodation and regard or use various "extras". Thus are always located a new message report in the television, a CD-Player, a box with the medals already erspielten, a flight simulator to training (and as Tutorial) as well as a computer for the order. The latter offers information about own and opposing ships and pilots as well as the possibility apart from the past mission results and a text version of all past newscasts also of regarding all past video sequences.

To a certain degree the player has influence on how its missions look. For example if an important goal in a mission is not destroyed, it can happen that following missions become therefore heavier. For example more destructive, opposing carrier cannot suddenly occur the mission area before, so that the player must fight an additional opposing hunter wing. History, which contains numerous idioms, cannot change the player so however.


  • Official solution book: Doug Radcliffe: StarLancer from the row "strategies and solutions". Sybex, ISBN 3-8155-5158-7

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