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Star Wars Galaxies: At Empire Divided (short: SWG) is a Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) for the PC, on-line in the star Wars universe settled of massifs Multiplayer. The play was published on 26 June 2003 in co-operation by Sony on-line Entertainment and LucasArts. It had one year after release over 500.000 registered players and counted over 115.000 Logins.Das Addon Jump ton of Lightspeed appeared daily on 27 October 2004 and opened the player shank now also the possibility with 15 different spaceships 10 different space sectors to roam across.

Basis play: At Empire Divided

SWG takes its place in the Storyline between episode 4 and 5 (after the destruction of the first death star). One can select different occupations from the head money hunter to the Jedi. Then it can bring a player only in an occupation to the Meistertitel. The occupations are in such a way laid out that they support each other mutually and Teamplay an important factor is in the play. Occupations cannot be rejected and replaced by others. (Exception: 1Jahr VetReward). The galactic civil war between rebels and Imperium brings an aspect of player opponent in the play. To be become it is possible for each player a make-sensitive character to be played and a Jedi. This is however no very time-intensive task and to one a Jedi completely developed, does not last it not long.

The player character

A player has the selection from 8 (since the Addon 10) different races during the character production. After the selection of race and sex, one can modify the own character on the basis different values at will. Thus size, weight, face courses etc. can age be defined"… within fewer minutes in the detail exactly.

After the production of the character and the attitudes for the appearance one selects a class.


After new Game Enhancements there is that the only following classes:

  • Bounty Hunter (model: Boba fat)
  • Commando (model: Clone COMM other Cody)
  • Entertainer (model: Oola)
  • Jedi (model: Hatch Skywalker)
  • Medic (model: 2-1B)
  • Officer (model: Leia Organa with the battle on Endor)
  • Smuggler (model: Han solo one)
  • Spy (model: Leia Organa as Boushh camouflaged)
  • Trader (model: Lando Calrissian)


In the play one can do one of eight from the films admitted races to play:

  • Bothaner
  • Humans
  • Mon Calamari
  • Rodianer
  • Trandoshaner
  • Twi'lek
  • Wookiee
  • Zabrak

A comparable non-commercial product is the star Wars Combine.

ADD on: Jump ton of Lightspeed

Since the appearance of the ADD Ons" Jump ton Lightspeed "it is to be stepped to the player possible as a pilot of one of three parliamentary groups: Alliance, Imperium or Freelancer. As the fourth additional occupation that of the shipbuilder (Shipwright) was added. With this ADD on it is also possible to deliver battles in space.

With the Addon 2 new races were inserted into the play:

  • Ithorianer
  • Sullustaner

Furthermore there are three pilot careers, which one can hit as players. These can be selected independently of the selected character class and/or race. With each pilot career can one under three squadrons one select, which one follows finally.

  • Pilot of the imperial navy
    • Imperially Inquisition
    • Black Epsilon Squadron
    • Storm Squadron
  • Pilot of the alliance of the rebels
    • Crimson Phoenix Squadron
    • Arkon's Havoc Squadron
    • Vortex Squadron
  • Independent pilot (Freelancer)
    • RSF Squadron (royal security agency Naboo)
    • CorSec Squadron (Corelliani security agency)
    • Smuggler Alliance

ADD on: Episode III rises up OF the Wookies

This ADD on is occupied as far as possible with Kashyyyk, the homeland planet of the Wookiees. Some the new features are:

  • the study of the planet Kashyyyk and the surrounding universe
  • over 100 historicalspecific Quests
  • the Jedi Starfighter, the spaceship of the Anakin Skywalker from star Wars: Episode III - The revenge of the Sith
  • artificial member mass for the player character

ADD on: Trials OF Obi Wan

The third ADD on appeared on 1 November 2005 (Vorbesteller already received it one week in former times) and is concerned with from episode the III: Lava planets Mustafar admitted the revenge of the Sith. Players have to accept here the possibility fastidious Quests of Obi Wan Kenobi, whereby this gives different tasks to the player in its spirit form, in order to understand power better. Besides it will give also missions like the rescue of crash victims or the study of an old rebel basis.

Players keep a new riding animal and a new house additional with the purchase of the ADD Ons. Vorbesteller receive beyond that a Skiff - a new vehicle for 8 persons from the film episode VI: The return of the Jedi knights.

Criticism at the developer

The play system was revised with the time several times (partly strongly). The first revision was the Combat Upgrade (cu), which changed and by players was regarded the strengths of the individual Professionen partly critically. Few days after the ADD on" Trials OF Obi Wan "the NGE was announced, with which the Professionen and the play system, then e.g. before very the Professions abilities freely selectable of each character were strongly changed by prefabricated classes was replaced and also the control more actionorientierter put on. These changes led the play in connection with the lack at information about a plan to change in such a way (contents still with the Addon were introduced, became with that NGE completely far away) to clear criticism to SOE and disappointed players could return the ADD on against refunding the purchase price.

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