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Star trade is a space restaurant simulation played in real time, which takes up the play principle by elite (play). Star trade is a Freeware play.


Star trade represents from the play style a Remake of Privateer, which was again a Remake classical author elite (play). In addition similarity exists to Microsoft Freelancer.

A goal of the play is it, money by trade to earn Piraterie or firing premiums for Piraten. The player begins as with elite with a little efficient, weakly armed spaceship and must with the made money gradually a better equipment together-buy, in order to earn thereby still more money.


  • "The good ones" represent a space police and make money by firing premiums for destroying Piratenraumschiffen and protect the trading vessels.
  • "The bad ones" are the Piraten, which destroy trading vessels and which steal freight, in order to then sell they.
  • "The neutral ones" are the dealers, who make their money by trade also on different commercial stations of available commodity, whose prices change after the laws of supply and demand.

The affiliation to the alliances arises as a result of acting in the play happening.


After the earth became uninhabitable by human acting, the universe becomes the habitat of mankind and the playing field of star trade.


The play has a kind dark Comic Look, which mixes itself with Retro Pixelei. The perspective, from that the player the happening observed is a GTA2 similar bird perspective.


Star trade is programmed in lightning basic, a programming language (C-compiler) in the BASIC dialect, which develops on DirectX. Direct 3D is not supported for the moment yet.


The play is as far as possible modifiable, since all rules and objects including diagrams and sounds are freely accessible. A new spaceship to provide, stresses e.g. about a half hour. Beside the standard ships there are also larger units, like for example cruisers or frigates with heavy armament in turrets.

Meaningful play universe

The play universe is animated by autonomous, of the AI steered ships, which behave meaningfully: One meets at most dealer, where there is the cheapest commodity. Commercial routes develop in such a way from alone. The police tries to protect the dealers and entangles the Piraten thereby into engagements.

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