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The term star is well-known since the year 1534 as name for an eye disease in German. It was probable Justus Jonas, which translated the book Tobias on behalf of Martin Luther as Apokryphe of the Bible. In the Greek original text of a white cornea/callosity scar of the old Tobits one speaks there, which the son, dissolved Tobias, on recommending ore gel the Raphaels by a Fischgalle. This illness was falsely translated in the Bible translation with "star".

Older than the star is the old high German "star-blindly", that already since that 8. Century n. Chr. in glosses and since then a rarely used adjective for humans emerges is, who are gotten sick to a turbidity of the lens with the star. In the 11. Century arose only in re-translations of Greek texts from the Arab today more well-known designation the Qatar act.

In the year 1583 the first large text book of the eye medicine in German language of George appeared bar table in Dresden. In this it divides the stars according to their color into white, blue, green, grey, yellow and black stars. The "black star" is not a lens turbidity, but a going blind, with which the star operation does not help. All other stars let themselves successfully be healed by the star operation.

In the year 1743 an otherwise unknown remained physician, Johann Caspar summer, translated a famous book of the Belgian Wundarzt Michel Brisseau from the French and translated thereby erroneous-proves the word Glaukom with the Greens star into national hat into Schlesien. This error remained to a large extent unconsidered. In the time of the French supremacy in Europe 1801 Joachim Heinrich Campe published a "dictionary of the explanation and Verdeutschung that our language of thrust upon strange expressions". It suggested for example replacing the "foreign word" to "nose" by the German term "face oriel" or the "Glaukom" by the "Greens star". But it by Schiller and Goethe in Xenie 152 (the purist) were scoffed: "Ingenious are you to clean the language from strange words to. Now legend nevertheless, friend, like one Pedant us verdeutscht".

Since this time in all German encyclopedias "Glaukom" and the "Green star" were unfortunately equated, while the opticians of it took no knowledge. In 18. Century remained in the Augenhelkunde of the stars of bar table only the black, the grey and the green. The black star remained unbehandelbare going blind without lens turbidity, the grey star became the successfully operatable lens turbidity and the green star became the lens turbidity with another, incurable illness, the Glaukom. This Glaukom found in 19. Century a repeated change of mind and finally became the name for increased eye internal pressure. Only toward end 19. Century found an optician coincidentally the wrong translation of "Glaukom" with the "Greens star" and resisted. Still at the beginning 20. Century knew most opticians still nothing from this error and named green star the lens turbidity with the Glaukom.

Into the 70's 20. Century remained equivalent in German the "star" the usually-used name for the lens turbidity, to the word "Qatar act". The opticians resisted senseless translating of "Glaukom" in vain with "Qatar act". Many opticians gave this up in the meantime and to set falsely "Glaukom" with the "Greens star" and to carry thereby for language confusion also.

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