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The magazine Sputnik (soot.: Companion) was published since 1967 from the Soviet press agency Nowosti in several languages. Target group was the socialist and western foreign country.

Sputnik understood itself as Digest of the Soviet press and led this also as sub-title. Articles from all ranges appeared accordingly by politics, culture, science and society, usually continuous with colored illustrations and photos as well as commentated by editorial contributions. The whole cultural variety of the different nationalities and regional geographical and climatic conditions of the enormous country was documented.

The magazine was printed and paperback in DIN A5 the format on art paper. Since the target group lay also in the west, the editorship strove already early to do without an oversize of socialist Rhetorik and to bring in - to limited extent - also easily system-critical aspects. The German-language expenditure was driven out both in the GDR and in the FRG. Particularly likes was the radio of Eriwan jokes, which took frequently weaknesses of socialism on the grain.

In the course of the Glasnost and Perestroika politics of CPSU Secretary-General Mikhail Gorbatschow the critical reporting increased also in the magazine Sputnik. The experienced over the political circulations in the Soviet Union and read over crime Stalins, which was compared with Hitler. Artists verfemte so far were rehabilitated in Sputnik articles. The Sputnik became ever more in demand in the GDR. On 19 November 1988 the government of the GDR prevented the service by mail of the magazine, which come down to a prohibition. The SED newspaper new Germany did not write in addition the Sputnik brings a contribution, which serves strengthening the GermanSoviet friendship, instead of its distorting contributions to history. It was referred against the own doctrine ( friendship with the people of the Soviet Union on all levels, thus not only the government level) still to the fact that the Sputnik was no organ of the Soviet government and could not therefore also the Soviet Union represent appropriately. With the prohibition the SED guidance continued to heat up the tendency in the GDR however. After the Sputnik prohibition it took no more year, until the wall fell and the people toward democracy placed the switches.

Shortly thereafter particularly a thick special edition with the most important contributions from all booklets of the prohibition period appeared for the GDR. The emphasis was thereby on a contribution row to Stalin, its dictatorship, its Gefolgsleuten and the consequences. Also at its prominent successor Leonid Brezhnev was left hardly a good hair. During the reading of the articles clearly why the SED this its citizens withheld wanted. The parallels to own power practice were indeterminable. The GDR was coined/shaped by Stalin and his person cult, Honecker a favourite of Brezhnev.

The magazine Sputnik is also today still as "Sputnik Nowosti" at the European market, however only on Russian. Target group are now in particular foreign Russians.

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